Chloé Perfume Appoints Guan Xiaotong As First Chinese Ambassador |

Chloe announced the appointment via the brand’s Weibo account, which is directly linked to the Tmall flagship store.

On 6 February 2023, Chloé announced that actress Guan Xiaotong has been appointed the fragrance brand’s first Chinese ambassador – a great move for local exposure. It is already working.

Actress Guan’s immense popularity shows how powerful China’s fan culture is – today alone, the dedicated hashtag #蔎依香沌代言人关晓彤# has been read 1.074 million times, and the film star’s name (#关晓彤#) has been shared on Weibo. has generated 2.1 million reads.

Commenting on the news, Guan described the brand’s perfume as “precious and timeless” in a post on Weibo that attracted 316,000 likes and counting as of press time.

Already an established name in luxury as a Valentino ambassador, and starring in several Coach campaigns, the star has access to China and beyond.

He has 851,000 followers on Instagram and his Weibo page has received a total of 20.82 billion reads.

Known in China as the “Daughter of the Nation”, the actress rose to prominence with her role in the 2003 film nuan quick thanks to roles in films such as age four and 2018 Shadow and 2021 Turandot’s Curse, Continue reading full article Here