Chris Hemsworth aka Thor Reveals Almost Losing The Role To Brother Liam Hemsworth After Thinking He Tanked His Audition

Chris Hemsworth almost lost the role of Thor to Liam Hemsworth (Photo Credit-Instagram/Poster)

Chris Hemsworth recently revealed that he almost lost the role of Thor to his brother Liam Hemsworth. The recent MCU flick Thor: Love & Thunder has been making a lot of noise since its release. It is Chris’ fourth solo venture as Asgardian and has so far received mixed to positive reviews.

In addition to playing the God of Thunder in these four movies, the Spiderhead actor has appeared in a few other films as well. miracle Flix like avengers saga. He’s one of the most beloved characters, and no one can do it better than Chris. But there was a time when he almost lost the role to someone other than his brother Liam.

Talking about the recently released Thor: Love and Thunder with MenXP, Chris Hemsworth revealed that at one point, he suggested his brother’s name for a Marvel character to casting directors, thinking that his The audition slashed his chances. “My little brother was almost cast as Thor,” Chris said. He spoke of how Liam Hemsworth came close to achieving it, until he was swept away.

“He [Liam] Was one of the first guys who got off the wire when I got the part, I don’t know, I could cross paths with him. It will be fun,” said Chris Hemsworth. Although the role of Thor eventually went to Chris, Liam Hemsworth also ventured into acting and went on to star in several films.

Some of his most famous works are The Last Song, which also features his ex-wife Miley Cyrus, The Hunger Games series, Independence Day 2, and more. apart from this hemsworth Brothers, many other stars auditioned for the role of Mighty. It featured Tom Hiddleston, who went on to play his mischievous adopted brother, Loki.

Charlie Hunnam, Alexander Skarsgard and Joel Kinnaman are also said to have screened for Thor. Well, like we said, there’s no one like Chris Hemsworth.

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