Chris Pratt Birthday: Five Times The Terminal List ProvedHe’s An Ace With His Social Media Posts

Chris Pratt turns 43: Here are five times he proved he’s an ace with his social media posts

‘Just who are you,’ when Chris Pratt said it, the people involved were like never before. Considered one of Hollywood’s finest actors, Pratt has delivered some of the best movies ever. Packing a punch as Star Lord in the recent Jurassic World: Dominion in Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt has proven his mettle. And it has created more excitement about Pratt’s upcoming project, The Terminal List, which will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video from July 1.

Apart from acting, fans love Pratt for his witty and funny personality. Today, June 21, as Pratt celebrates his 44th birthday, we take a look at five great social media posts where he stole the show.

Mom’s little boy!

It is said, ‘sons are always close to their mothers,’ and it seems that Pratt’s case is no different. On Mother’s Day, the actor shared an awe-inspiring throwback picture with his mother as she held her tightly in his arms. The actor expressed his love for Mama Pratt and thanked her for always being ‘kind, caring and loving’. This childhood glimpse of Pratt left fans stunned and they credited his mom for his good looks!

Star-Lord’s Masky Affair!

It’s no secret that Chris Pratt climbed the ladder of success as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. This is a character that is loved by all, young and old. And Pratt never misses any chance to bring a little Star-Lord into him. Once, as Pratt relaxes at home wearing an infrared mask (no, it’s not Iron Man, just saying!), he remembers his late father and wonders what his father did to his look. would have given feedback. However, fans were taken aback by his witty caption and asked him to give his review on the mask.

Imprisoned in a Rubik’s Cage!

He’s played many tough roles on screen, but Chris Pratt is a kid at heart, and this video is proof. Pratt followed this trend and tried to solve the Rubik’s cube in less than a minute. With much difficulty and determination, Pratt finally accepted the challenge a year later. But in this video, his flirtatious nature and child-like expressions have touched the hearts of people. Well, he’s a hero in every sense, isn’t he?

Kids favourite, Uncle Pratt!

The father of three children, Pratt shares a special bond with the children. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, he is the most comfortable around them. So, when Pratt met kids with cancer, he went out of his way to put a smile on their faces. From playing to clicking photos and gossiping, she shared his ‘favourite Uncle Pratt!’ He left no stone unturned to become.

Twisty tales of skin care!

Often people wonder how actors get flawless skin. well, chris

Pratt just unexpectedly revealed his skincare secrets. Sharing a BTS moment, when he spoke about his upcoming projects, Pratt shared how he took care of his skin. A skincare mask and a face roller are the basics for that. Well, fans now know why Pratt isn’t aging, but has spotless skin.

Chris Pratt’K’s social media handles are full of funny and relatable posts as she believes that it is her round-the-clock duty to entertain fans. Isn’t he doing very well in it? And if you’re still not satisfied, Pratt has it covered for you with his upcoming projects.

The actor will be seen as a Navy SEAL heroine Original thriller The Terminal List, which will release on 1 July 2022 in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

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