Chris Rock’s Mother Gets Heartbreakingly Emotional Over Will Smith’s Slap, Says “He Really Slapped Me”

Chris Rock’s mom calls out Will Smith’s Oscar ban, says “you don’t even go every year” (Photo Credits – Facebook; Wikimedia)

It may be almost a month since the Oscars 2022 took place at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater, but people haven’t stopped talking about it. The main reason for the same was Will Smith slamming comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, the latter joking about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hairstyle.

For those unaware, Pinkett Smith is bald and has opened up about her hair loss condition, alopecia. Where Smith was first seen laughing, pinkett smith Rolled their eyes and moments later, the King Richard actor was seen walking across the stage and slapping the grown-ups actor. Now the comedian’s mother has given her reaction on this.

While chatting with WIS a month after the controversial Oscar slap, Chris Rock’s mom revealed how she feels about Will Smith slapping her son. Rose Rock said, ‘I told someone, when did you slap Will? ChrisHe slapped us all, but he really slapped me. When you hurt my baby, you hurt me. ,

When asked what she would say to Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock, Rose Rock said, “I don’t know what else I’d say other than, ‘What in the world were you thinking?’ Because you slapped one, but a lot could have happened.” She said, “Chris could have stepped back and fell. You could have actually taken out in handcuffs. You didn’t think. You made your wife respond on your behalf, and you went upstairs, and you made her day because She was hooked to laugh when it happened.”

Commenting on the 10-year ban imposed on Will by the Academy, he said, “What’s the point of this? You don’t even go every year.” For those who don’t know, the organization has announced that Smith – who won Best Actor for his performance in King Richard – will be banned from all events, including Oscar ceremonies, for the next 10 years. Rock, pointing out that she doesn’t think the Academy should have taken away Smith’s Oscar, said she was “really, really proud” of her son’s reaction at this point.

In the same conversation, Chris Rock’s mother also said that she felt that the apology posted by Will Smith on his Instagram account the day after the ceremony was not genuine. Rose Rock said, “I feel so bad he never apologized. His people wrote a piece and said, ‘I apologize to Chris Rock,’ but it’s something personal. You reach out.”

Earlier this month, Chris’s brother, Kenny Rock, also told the Los Angeles Times that he didn’t get Smith’s apology.

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