Coalition Of 1,425 Showrunners & Directors Raises $2.5M To Help Women Gain Access To Abortions While Calling On Studios To Step Up

A coalition of 1,425 listeners and directors has raised $2.5 million to help women gain access to abortion services in states where they are now illegal. organizer of Hollywood4Abortion Access Another $2.5 million is expected to be raised to help women across the country – not just in the entertainment industry. This money will go to the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Organizers are also asking major studios to “adopt a plan to guarantee that all employees and other production workers in need of emergency reproductive health care can be swiftly moved across state lines” if they live in those states. Where abortion is now illegal. Supreme court overturning Roe vs. Wade,

Those who took to social media to support the campaign include Shonda Rhimes, Ava DuVernay, JJ Abrams, Mindy Kaling, Judd ApatowDamon Lindelof, Jesse Williams and Dana Fox are using the @hollywood4abortionaccess hashtag.

a look at the tweets Here,

“I am part of a group of listeners/creators who are raising money to help people access abortion,” Rhimes posted on the site earlier today. “Help us raise $5 million for this important cause!”

Apatow posted, “Join me and help raise $5M for the #Hollywood4AbortionAccess @abortionfunds.” “The National Network of Abortion Funds is a network of local abortion funds that supports people who need abortions right now.”

Showrunners and directors are also calling on studios to play their part in making sure their employees get access to abortions. Last month, he sent letters to AMC Network, Amazon Studio, Apple TV, NBCUniversal, Netflix, of great quality, Walt Disney CompanyAnd Warner Bros. Discovery expressing its “serious concern” about companies’ “lack of specific production protocols” to protect their workers in anti-abortion states.

The studio said in a joint statement last week:

“Each of our individually designed corporate health plans provides comprehensive health care coverage for our respective employees. We are updating our respective employees independently – who live and work across the country – Because plans and policies change and expand to provide reproductive care and other support that is now required in states where abortion access is restricted or illegal.

“Most workers in scripted film and TV productions are covered by industry health plans that are administered jointly by union and management trustees under a collective bargaining framework. In partnership with various industry health plan employees and union trustees on those plans , our management trustees acted swiftly to review existing health benefits, and many of these industry health plans have already adopted amendments to reimburse travel expenses associated with securing abortion services. Participants and their Dependents who live or work in states where such services cannot legally be obtained. We understand that other industry health plans will consider similar changes this month. Received direct communication from plans regarding modifications.

“We are delighted that our industry partners have addressed this important issue quickly and are committed to continuing to evaluate ways we can best provide the best for our employees and workers who support our productions.

“We would like to assure you that we are personally focused on supporting the health, safety, wellbeing and privacy of our respective employees and who support our presentations as we continue to monitor this evolving situation. Huh. We look forward to working with you to continue creating great content for our audiences around the world.”

Coalition, however, said it was not good enough and gave the studio until noon on September 5 – Labor Day – to come up with a more definitive response.

“Thank you for your recent response to our serious concerns arising from the reversal of Rowe vs. Wade,” he said in identical letters sent to the studio today. “We appreciate your stated mutual concern to protect the health, safety and privacy of employees, but your claims fall short of an adequate response to ensure workplace safety and prevent inevitable gender discrimination within our industry.

“Travel reimbursement, while essential coverage, is not a sufficient measure to prevent the denial of emergency reproductive health care that is an inevitable consequence of an abortion ban. In states where abortion is considered a crime, an employee may receive life-saving intervention in an ectopic pregnancy. may be denied an X-ray to a pregnant worker involved in an accident on the ground that it may cause harm to a fetus or fetus; and an employee suffering a pregnancy loss may be medically necessary Abortion management may be denied. In addition, current travel reimbursement does not apply to non-federal employees such as PAs who are not covered under a central health scheme.

“Given that constructions are currently taking place in abortion-hostile states where protection is urgently needed, we request (companies) responses by Labor Day to the following demands:

Have a clear, detailed and uniform action plan to ensure that all employees and other production workers have access to life saving healthcare in case of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, placental abruption, sudden onset preeclampsia, etc. The plan should include a guarantee that all workers and other production workers in need of emergency reproductive health care can be moved quickly across state lines to reduce the potential for injury or death.
Policies and procedures that guarantee confidentiality around abortion access.
Policies and procedures that guarantee job security and non-retaliation if a member of production must take time off to travel for reproductive health care from states where abortion has been criminalized.
Guaranteed coverage for attorneys’ fees, court expenses, and fines for any workers or other production workers prosecuted for abortion-related offenses.
Appointment of a Reproductive Health Care Officer for each production in an abortion-averse location.

“Without such protections as above, only women and those who are pregnant would be forced to assume unacceptable levels of risk while working in states unfavorable for abortion. This constitutes gender and pregnancy discrimination. because it forces women and those who become pregnant to make decisions about their employment that a man who cannot become pregnant would never have to.

“To fulfill your stated commitment to continue evaluating ways to provide staff and workers who support your presentations, we also needed the creation of a Reproductive Health Care Working Group.

“This working group should include at least one C-Suite representative from each company, representatives from industry associations if necessary, and experts from reproductive health and advocacy organizations with experience in these issues. Members of our coalition also participate in these discussions. are ready to support you.

“If the working group cannot provide specific solutions to continue production in states where abortion is illegal and emergency reproductive health care can be routinely denied, such as ensured safe and non-discriminatory workplace conditions, the working group should issue a recommendation as to whether production can continue.
“We look forward to working hand in hand with our partners in the film and television industry to respond directly, responsibly and promptly to these immediate threats to the health, safety and human rights of our employees.”