Comedian Majid Jahangir opens up about Waseem Badami and Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Scam

Jahangir is a prolific Pakistani television actor and comedian whose claim to fame was a popular comedy show. during the recent interviewJehangir said that he was once invited to an ARY digital show hosted by Waseem Badami and iqrar ul hassan, He said, “People raised around Rs 1 million for me in that show, Waseem and Iqrar announced that they would donate this money to me.”

“I also told him that I want a car [too] So that it would be easier for me to go to the doctor. [To this] They got down on their knees in respect (as if I was the biggest personality), and said this Toyota Corolla is yours, which was parked at the studio,” he elaborated. “I called them repeatedly afterwards. Did and kept asking for money and car. But he didn’t answer my calls.’

Furthermore, the actor said that he requested her to at least give him the money, but she did not. “I will hold Wasim Badami And Iqrar ul Hasan is answerable in the afterlife,” said the actor.

Extending support to Jahangir, netizens prayed for his health and said that such scams should not be aired on television in the name of live telecast.

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