‘Coming 2 America’ Impact On Amazon Proves ‘You Can’t Reach Diverse Audiences Without Diversity,’ Says Streamer’s Marketing Chief Ukonwa Ojo: Cannes Lions

Eddie Murphy welcome 2 Coming to America Feather amazon prime Last year the video provided Amazon marketing chief Ukonawa Ojo’s talk when he told TODAY Cannes Lions: “It is not possible to reach a diverse audience without Diversity,

Ojo, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Studios, explained: “Nielsen tracks streaming in minutes [so] It’s harder for a movie to hit number one than several hours of TV. when we launched 2 Coming to America, a very dark film, it was the only film by Nielsen to hit number one for two consecutive weeks. It’s the influence of the black community.”

This proves that “diversity isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a business imperative,” she said. “I don’t see how you succeed in business without doing it well. You look at the community you serve, and it’s imperative that the people making decisions reflect that community. It’s critical.” “

2 Coming to America is a sequel to the 1988 classic coming to America Directed by Craig Brewer. It was originally set for a theatrical release, before the Covid pandemic allowed Amazon to acquire the streaming rights.

Ojo joins other top black marketing executives on a panel titled ‘Disruption, Paving the Way for NextGen’ at the Cannes Lions event. Other panelists were Anton Vincent, President, Mars Wrigley North America and Kirk McDonald, CEO of GroupM, North America. The event was presided over by Jerry Deward, founder of the Black Executive CMO Alliance.

Vincent traces a similar success story to one of Mars Wrigley’s most popular products, expanding the M&M’s brand to mark the company’s 80th year.th Anniversary. “M&Ms are built around characters and they are multi-cultural by design, with their various shapes, sizes and colors. How do we make this into a motion? Move from fun to familiarity, move from American. “

GroupM’s McDonald’s reminds delegates that while black culture has long been recognized for being at the nexus of art and creativity, it means that it also sits “without credit” within product and business innovation. . His company, which represents $54B in global advertising, has now assembled a list of five principles for investment: sustainability, responsible media and journalism, brand protection, data ethics and diversity, inclusion and equity.

All speakers are among the 33 members of the Black Executive CMO Alliance, founded in March 2021, whose mission is articulated by Devard: “to share, to learn, to raise and to pay it forward.”

Ojo called it a “community”, adding: “Being a CMO is hard, and being a Black CMO is even harder. It can be lonely, [so] Helpful for those who are on the same journey. ,

With Ojoo offering some good advice, the exec also discussed the best way to advance the cause of representation. “Be very deliberate about diversifying your teams [or] You will miss the nuances that are important. If you are in a room with someone different from you, make them feel comfortable, let them have a voice. Let them separate. Make a difference in how you run your business, driving innovation for the company.