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Control Z season 3 release date to be announced by September 2021

Spanish-language teen drama Control Z is the brainchild of Carlos Quintanilla Saccar and Adriana Pellucci. First broadcast in Spanish as a Mexican series, it has been translated into English.

There are two seasons, each consisting of 16 episodes. The show will debut on Netflix in May 2020. Also, on August 4, 2021, the second season of the show will be renewed on May 29, according to sources, with Alejandro Lozano in charge of directing.

One of the teen hackers at the Colegio Nacional revealed the secrets of another student at a gathering. Although this has not been confirmed, the student is believed to be a non-disc student secret being uncovered by an unknown hacker.

As a result of the suspense of Season 2, we are looking forward to the third season. And soon, we will be able to see our hopes being built, there is no doubt that the third season of Control Z will be announced soon.

control z season 3 release

While Netflix has yet to officially announce Season 3 of the show, fans around the world are clamoring for a third season, with the second season coming out 15 months after the first. This means that the third season will be around 2022. Control Z’s third season promises a lot of drama, intrigue and suspense.

control z season 3 cast

A new cast member has not been officially confirmed. However, Season 3 of Control Z will feature the same veteran cast. On this page, you will find a list of characters and their actors.

Alex – Samantha Acuna

Natalia – Macarena Garcua Romero

Dario – Ivan Ponce

Ernesto- Xabiani Ponce de Leon

Rosa – Pati Maquio

Miguel Quintanilla – Rodrigo Cachero

Bruno – Mauro Sanchez Navarro

Valeria – Karim Castro

Regina – Ariana Saavedra

Sofia Herrera – Ana Valeria Becerilli

Xavier William- Michael Ronda

Raul Lyon – Yankel Steven

Isabella de la Fuente – Zion Moreno

Maria Alexander- Fiona Paloma

Pablo Garcia – Andres Baida

Gerardo – Patricio Gallardo

Louis – Louis Curiel