Courteney Cox Once Confessed She Was Virgin Till 21 & Her Mother Gifted Her Lace Undies When She Was Dating!

When Courteney Cox opened up on virginity: “I was a virgin until I was 21” (Photo Credits – Facebook)

Courteney Cox is a well-known actor who has appeared in several hit shows and movies, garnering a strong fan following over the years. She is best known for playing Monica Geller in the blockbuster series Friend Despite the series ending in 2004, which still has a huge viewership. In a previous conversation, the actor had opened up about his sex life and how he avoided it till he was 21.

For those unaware, Kourtney was in the news earlier this year when the cast of Friends got back together for a special reunion episode. In this section, many details were revealed about her character Monica and how it developed over time. Cox was originally offered the role of Rachel but chose Monica because she resonated better with the character.

In the year 2019, Courteney Cox appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and revealed many details about her sex life. She mentioned that she remained a virgin until 2021, mainly because her mother, Courteney Bass, didn’t talk much on the subject.

“My mother didn’t talk to me about a thing that I should have known. I probably shouldn’t say that, but I will, I was a virgin until I was 21,” Kourtney said. “I think I can be proud of that. I remember, I dated that guy for a long time, and my mom was like, ‘Okay, I guess she’s going to be with him for a while.’ And he sent me a pair of underwear to try on, you know, femininity,” he added.

Courtney Cox also highlighted the type of underwear her mother bought for her and even described its pattern and texture. “I swear the lace was about three and a half to four inches and then the cotton part. But they were a lot better than the clothes I was wearing, so I was really lagging when it came to this. They were so beautiful, I mean, not at this age, but, you know, the actor said.

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