Covid Spike Hits Entertainment Industry Hard With Outbreaks At 4 Studios, Per L.A. County Data

For the past few months, the entertainment industry has been one of the hardest hit – if not the hardest hit – sectors in Los Angeles, consistently logging the highest number of covid Outbreak in the county.

Now, as the studios are installed return date For employees, at least three lots are seeing large-scale outbreaks, with the other clustering at a studio headquarters, a TV production, a production facility and a performing arts venue. Overall, they account for about 18% of the total non-medical outbreaks currently recorded at businesses in the county, according to officials.

The good news is that the percentage is actually lower than last month, when the entertainment industry accounted for 20% of the outbreak. The bad news is that the total number of infections it represents is very high. In fact, there were 108 clusters across all workplaces last week and the total rose to 140 this week, per county data.

Today the average number of daily infections in Los Angeles is about 2,400, according to a county public health department briefing. That metric has risen 20% in the past week, notable for a number that averages over seven days to smooth out temporary volatility.

Above List Showbiz-related outbreaks meeting lionsgate, Its Santa Monica headquarters shows the number of cases this week at 21. This puts it second in terms of infected employees behind a camper and RV manufacturer in Lancaster. Late last month, Lionsgate launched a Group Out of 6 infections.

A source familiar with the situation told Deadline that 12 of those 21 Lionsgate cases were among employees returning from CinemaCon in Las Vegas. The company is said to have mandatory vaccinations for employees and require face masks in the office if there are active cases.

At a weekly briefing on Los Angeles County’s Covid situation last month, Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer noted that while the entertainment industry is out in total compared to other sectors, it may be because film and TV productions are doing something right, Nothing wrong.

“This may be due to the general increase in cases as we have seen in the community as well as the extensive screening protocols that this industry maintains,” Ferrer said.

A lot of hits of late spread include Sony, which has been on the county’s list several times during the pandemic. Sony seen in August 2021 A group out of three cases. last month, were there Three separate outbreaks on the lot for a total of 15 infections. This week, Culver City Studios reported two clusters, for a total of nine cases.

The county’s current outbreak list has an entry for Fox Entertainment – Television Production with five recorded cases. Back in January, Fox saw More than a dozen transitions to Fox Sports and Fox Sports Deportes units in West LA

See the full list of current, recorded entertainment industry COVID clusters below.

Burbank Studios 5 cases

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 9 cases

Fox Entertainment – Television Production 5 cases

Lionsgate Entertainment 21 cases

Sony Pictures Studios – Stage 24 4 cases

Sony Pictures Studios – Botrus Building. 5 cases

Universal Studios Hollywood – Lot Building. 4407 3 cases

Universal Studios Hollywood – Lot P526 Trailer 5 cases

Warner Bros., Studio – Building 128 5 cases

Warner Bros. Studios – Stage 27 and 29 5 cases