‘Creepshow’ Producer Cartel Pictures’ Distribution Arm Cartel Studios International Unveils Debut Mip TV Slate

creep Show the creator cartel Cartel Studios International, the newly formed distribution arm of Pictures, has unveiled its first MIP TV slate of 18 films.

A&E Lifetime is included in the outfit’s slate coming to the Cannes market for the first time fatal infidelity, Tubi’s Romeo and Juliet Assassins and Lifetime Movie Network Dangerous Snow Day. Other features include Crushed, Deadly Girls Night Out And Cheating for your life.

These pictures are just a few of the 18 films that are based on suspense, drama thriller and romcom spanning a slate.

Next month’s Cannes market is the first time the new distribution arm will be performing at an event.

LA/London based Shingle was launched last year by creep Show And death day Producer Cartel Pictures To Seeking collaboration opportunities, work directly with global clients, licensing over 40 new films and multiple series per year.

It is led by Gary Marenzi and former CBS distribution execs Giovanni Pedde and Stephen Teague.

“There remains a growing appetite for high-quality films for streaming and broadcast audiences,” Marenzi said. “We are looking forward to introducing this accessible portfolio of original programming to international buyers personally at Miip TV.”