Cristiano Ronaldo Civil Case Dismissed By Nevada Judge, Cites ‘Bad Faith Conduct’ Of Accuser’s Attorney

soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo will not be forced to pay millions of dollars in one civil suit For a Nevada woman who once accused him of rape.

Ronaldo, 37, is one of the highest paid and recognizable sports stars in the world. He plays for English Premier League club Manchester United and has captained the national team of his home country Portugal.

Mayorga is a former model who said she met Ronaldo at a nightclub in June 2009 and moved back in with him and others in their hotel suite. Ronaldo allegedly assaulted her in the bedroom.

Ronaldo has said that the encounter took place by mutual consent. Police and prosecutors said the criminal investigation was dropped by Las Vegas police because Mayorga did not identify Ronaldo by name and did not say where the incident took place.

Ronaldo paid Mayorga over $375,000 as a settlement. However, it was claimed to have violated an agreement on confidentiality after reports of the incident surfaced in Germany. der spiegel in 2017. This prompted the woman to re-register her civil suit. The trial blamed Ronaldo or his associates for the leaks.

Ronaldo’s legal team blamed the report on electronic data leaks of hacked documents from law firms and other entities in Europe.

The criminal case was reopened by Las Vegas police when Mayorga filed her civil suit, but prosecutors decided to pursue a criminal case again in 2019.

On Friday, US District Court Judge Jennifer Dorsey raised the civil case against Ronaldo. He stayed the re-filling of the case and quoted Katherine MayorgThe judge said, for “bad faith conduct” and the use of “purely” confidential documents, which tainted the case beyond redemption.

The 42-page document claimed that Ronaldo was harmed by the woman’s complaint against him.