Daily U.S. Covid Cases Hit All-Time High As Omicron Fuels Winter Wave Of Virus

on Tuesday, United States of america According to Johns Hopkins University, 512,553 new cases were reported daily. i.e., the single highest daily number of cases recorded so far during the entire covid-19 pandemic. University figures show that the previous high was 294,015 on January 8, 2021.

Johns Hopkins University

One mitigating factor is Christmas weekend. The May test center was likely to be closed on a holiday, meaning some test results that would have been recorded during that period probably rolled into Monday and today.

But even a measure that accounts for the volatility reporting, the seven-day average of new daily cases, published Today was a record by the Washington Post. As of Tuesday afternoon, 253,245 cases eclipsed the previous 7-day average daily high of 248,209. That was on January 12th.

California, the country’s most populous state, also broke its all-time daily record. hitting 86,634 new cases today. The number tops the 60,107 seen in the state on January 4 this year. Again, reporting delays in the Golden State were likely due to the holiday, but the state typically associates weekend numbers with Monday’s cases, so Tuesday’s numbers are usually less affected.