Dan Lauria To Play Tip O’Neill In Ronald Reagan Biopic

Dan Lauria to play former Speaker of the House Thomas “Tip” O’Neill in upcoming biopic Reagan,

He will play opposite Dennis Quaid, who plays the 40th president.

Dan Lauria as Tip O’Neill

In a statement, director Sean McNamara said, “He and Dennis have the necessary chemistry to portray Reagan and O’Neill as two politicians who were honorable adversaries.”

In Washington, the 1980s friendship between Reagan and O’Neill has long been seen as a contrast to recent decades, as partisan rifts have become more personal.

Others on the case include Penelope Ann Miller as Nancy Reagan, Mena Suvari as Jane Wyman, Kevin Dillon as Jack Warner, and Jon Voight as a fictional KGB agent who tracks down Reagan over the course of 40 years. keeps. Howard Klausner and Jonas McCord wrote the screenplay.

Reagan is scheduled for release in 2023, with shooting already completed.

Lauria received critical acclaim playing Vince Lombardi in the Broadway play Lombardi, and his recent feature credits include the way back And Vacation, in addition to the Wonder YearsHe also starred in the series Sullivan & Son And pitch,

In a statement, Lauria said, “I’ve seen wonderful works ruined by bad casting and I’ve seen others made great by the chemistry of great casting. Playing Tip O’Neill opposite Dennis Quaid’s Reagan was a great moment for both of us.” It was a great challenge for me. I look forward to sharing it with the world.”