Dania Shah’s mother gives Shocking reply to critics on her property

Mother of Daniya Shah, third wife of former TV host and religious scholar Aamir Liaquathas responded to its critics.

Responding to the constant trolling and derogatory comments, Shah’s mother took to her daughter’s Instagram and posted a message for all the haters.

Dania has come under severe criticism for making inappropriate videos of her husband and then spreading them on the internet.

“Thank you for abusing me and my daughter, don’t think that you are mine and you are abusing my daughter because you are abusing your mother and sister.” Read Instagram posts.

Earlier, Amir Liaquat, who was found dead at his home on June 9, was suffering from severe mental distress due to constant online trolling after his third wife filed for divorce and leveled serious allegations against her.

More than a month before Hussain’s death, Dania had approached the court seeking divorce from the televangelist.

The teenager demanded a monthly personal expenditure of Rs 1 lakh. In addition, he demanded more than Rs 100 million as his entitlement, Mehr (alimony) and other things “promised by Aamir Liaquat at the time of their marriage”.

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