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    Daniel Craig Reveals His Favourite James Bond Gadget & It’s Neither The Remote Controlled BMW Nor The Spike Umbrella

    Daniel Craig’s favorite James Bond gadget opens the door and blows things up (Photo Credits – Wikimedia)

    Daniel Craig reveals his favorite James Bond gadget, and it’s not the one he uses. The British actor said goodbye to the iconic secret agent in No Time to Die, after starring in five Bond films over fifteen years. Everyone who is a fan of the franchise would know the number of gadgets used in the film. 007 and all the other agents use fancy equipment developed by Q.

    For those unaware, Q is part of the fictional research and development department of the British Secret Service in the franchise and creates various gadgets for Bond to use during a mission. Jetpacks, knife boots, bird hats, hidden cameras, secret gas canisters, poison, weaponized cigarettes, submersible cars and many crazy devices have been used in the movies.

    While discussing James Bond with GQ, Daniel Craig reveals his favorite 007 gadget and it turns out it’s Sean Connery’s era. NS knife out actor Says, “My favorite gadget is, I think Sean Connery used to, it was like a silver box with a switch, and a red light going on. I don’t know what it did, but It kind of blew things open, and it was, you know, simple. As far as gadgets are concerned, simple is the best.”

    See photo of gadget:

    Read inside to find out how Daniel Craig reveals all his favorite James Bond devices
    (photo credit – imdb)

    The device Daniel Craig is talking about is a mysterious unlocking machine in You Only Live Twice. While there are no real-life replicas of it, several other silly gadgets are also featured in the film, including a waterproof body bag, a handbag communicator, rocket gun, lipstick gas, and an X-ray desk.

    Several actors have played the masterminds behind all these gadgets, including Peter Burton, Desmond Llewellyn and Ben Whishaw.

    even though Daniel Craig A favorite James Bond gadget, he has also revealed why his time as 007 saw fewer of them. He says, “I love gadgets, but my take on them has always been that they have to be one of a kind to justify being in a movie. You can’t really have gadgets for gadgets. Understand them.” They have to come. They have to be interesting.”

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