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    Daniel Craig Says “You Avoid A**Holes, Then You Can Show Your Best To People” & It’s The Best Advice One Can Get!

    Daniel Craig says director Mike Nichols advised him to stay away from ‘A*******’ (Photo Credits: Facebook)

    Hollywood star Daniel Craig, who last played James Bond in the new film “No Time to Die”, says playing the iconic detective for 15 years has changed him as a person.

    Craig told SiriusXM: “I was really trying to reflect on that night. And it’s measurable how much it has changed me… Somebody must have changed, you know, someone to examine my life.” And once you try and move yourself to another place. But I think about how I, you know, I had a real problem with authority.

    Daniel Craig says, “I’m always kind of looking for what the angle is. I’m not sure, I’m deeply, deeply skeptical, clearly I am, but I’m not that much anymore. And I’m kind of weird.” I’ve been through this whole process since. I’m a lot more open, I’m weirdly more trusting of people.”

    Daniel Craig also reminisced how he got some valuable advice from director Mike Nichols, with whom he worked on the play “Betrayal.”

    She recalled: “(He told me), ‘DanielDon’t work with , *******’. And it was, I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, you’re right’. And as I got older, I just went, ‘Yeah, you’re really right’. DO NOT WORK WITH *******. If you get a chance and you, and you avoid the a**hole, you can show people your best and hopefully people can show you their best. “

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