Danny Masterson Wants Rape Charges Tossed As Second Criminal Trial Looms

Continuously Danny MastersonIn last year’s rape trial, defense attorneys repeatedly sought to exclude almost all mention of the Church of scientology and the “prosecutor’s insistence on drugging” drinks were left out of the court proceedings.

A second criminal trial is due to begin later this year against that 70s show star after getting a hung jury on 30 November, a newly filed motion to dismiss all counts made it clear that the defense no longer viewed neither Masterson’s controversial convictions nor his drink selection as points of contention. As the 16-page document indicates, it’s Zen dose and the law of averages.

“The jury focused on the most relevant evidence – Jane Du’s testimony and prior statements – and a strong majority reasonably concluded that this material evidence established reasonable doubt,” the filing in LA Superior Court today states. Attorneys Philip K. “The contradictory nature of their trial testimony is not going to credibly change that,” Cohen and Karen Goldstein’s paperwork states.

“Indeed, were it to be changed in any subsequent trial, that ‘change’ would provide inconsistencies, contradictions and more fodder for impeachment,” argued the defense pair, “exercising their discretion to dismiss it.” Court inclined to “prosecute in the interest of justice … there is no reason to believe that a retrial would produce a different result.” The L.A. County District Attorney’s official concluded with an untold swipe at Cohen and Goldstein’s prosecution efforts: “Having led lengthy deliberations, the jury foreperson formed the opinion that no jury could ever return a unanimous guilty verdict.” Can give. She is right.

Seeing several alternates join the jury after their pre- and post-thanks deliberations, the panel was clearly divided on the three counts of which Masterson was charged. On count 1, he revealed it was 10–2 for not guilty; Count 2 observed eight not guilty, four guilty; and count 3 was seven for not guilty, five for guilty.

Facing up to 45 years in Golden State Prison if convicted on all counts, Masterson was the first arrested in 2020, actor who was fired early co-starring in the Netflix comedy Ashton Kutcher the ranch The claim, as it became known in late 2017, has always denied that he had non-consensual sex with the alleged victims or anyone else between 2001 and 2003. In court for every day of the trial and jury deliberations, Masterson remains free on $3.3 million bail

Excerpted in full from jury foreman’s post-mistrial sit-down underground bunker’Thursday’s motion by Tony Ortega, Masterson and their defense team comes days before a hearing before Judge Charlene Olmedo on the next steps in the case. The second trial start date of 27 March was penciled in when the first trial was deadlocked. Also at LASC, several from the criminal case against Masterson and Scientology to a civil case for molestation and more by Jane Doe and other rape trials look to potentially kick-off again next month after being put on hold until 2022. Huh.

seventeen years later that 70s show Fox, ended on a that ’90s show The sequel is set to launch on Netflix on January 19. As far as can be guessed, Masterson is the only significant cast member from the original series who will not be appearing in the new sitcom. Even with today’s filing, taking Judge Olmedo’s response to previous defense motions to dismiss the charges or case, there’s a good chance the actor will again be engaged in some courtroom drama of his own.