Dasvi: Yami Gautam On Working With Abhishek Bachchan, “He Is So Kind That He has All The Good Words To Say About Me”

Dasavi: Yami Gautam opens up on working with Abhishek Bachchan (Photo Credits – Instagram)

No one can beat Yami Gautam’s simple look and cute smile as she went to promote her film ‘Dasvi’ with Abhishek Bachchan and Nimrat Kaur inside the Central Jail, Agra.

While she manages to get through the rough patches with little difficulty due to her heels, there is nothing that can dampen her enthusiasm and excitement. The actress seems excited every moment to talk about her role as a tough cop who is courageous and bold and how the film manages to deliver a strong message.

‘Dasavi’ is one movie It revolves around Chief Minister Ganga Ram Choudhary, essayed by Abhishek Bachchan, who decides to take his 10th class exams inside the prison. Yami Gautam, who received a lot of positive responses for her role as Naina Jaiswal, a school teacher in ‘A Thursday’, feels that ‘Daasvi’ is a perfect film to work in.

As she says: “I really like ‘Dasvi’s script’. It’s always the story first, as Abhishek said, very right, and then of course, what is your character and how important is it to the story.” And how healthy it is. Every character has an arc from beginning to end.

“Each character has its own journey” movie And how does it align with the story, all these things are very important and is it giving me an opportunity to do something that I haven’t done before? Yes it is and that too in a very beautiful way.

Yami reached the Central Jail Agra on March 29 for the promotion of her film ‘Dasvi’. She came along with Abhishek Bachchan, Nimrat Kaur, director Tushar Jalota and producer Sandeep Lejel.

Yami Gautam shared that the film connects with the audience through its message. It emphasizes the importance of education. When a Chief Minister who quits school, played by Abhishek Bachchan, decides to clear the 10th exam, it shows that there is no age to be educated and it is a must, irrespective of your position in society.

“It was fun shooting this film. We all knew how important education is but there is an impressive way to convey it. So that as many people as possible can understand your message. And that’s what makes ‘Daasvi’ different because its background in prison and character, it sends a strong message.”

Commenting on the challenges playing Jyoti Deswal, a courageous and tough Haryanvi police officer, Yami says: “The main challenge was to get the Haryanvi language right. it was not easy. From taking classes to speaking the dialogues, I did everything. It shouldn’t look like you’re overdoing it. The character should be realistic and connect with the audience not just in one part but with all. And I tried for the same. But Abhishek helped me a lot at every opportunity.

Yami Gautam shared that this is one of her most exciting projects and one of the most prominent reasons is shooting in jail.

“The most memorable thing for us was shooting for the first time in jail. When I was told about the shooting location, there was a lot of apprehension and many questions were coming in my mind. In fact, we weren’t sure that shooting in prison would definitely happen. We were thinking that maybe the shooting should be done on the sets itself.”

Yami revealed the dilemma before filming began in the prison, saying: “As an actor, you always look for sets or shooting sites where we can work in a quiet environment and there are no distractions while working. .Even if we are shooting on a busy road we want to give our best and it comes with focus and concentration. So there was a fear whether we would get the same inside the jail. But we did. “

Yami Gautam is impressed with the acting skills and hard work put in by Abhishek Bachchan for her role.

“Abhishek is so kind that he has all the nice words to say about me and Nimrat. But he worked so hard on his character that I have no words and can’t even imagine. I was shocked when I saw his first look and we all know that his first look makes a first impression and it was fantastic. And the way he played the character of Gangaram, I can’t imagine anyone would pull him off like he did. He just had fun with the character. ,

She recalls some sweet moments with Abhishek and Nimrat on the sets: “There was a scene when I remember Abhishek doing everything possible in his mind to clear my eye line. You know Nimrat and I share only one scene but it was all fun too and we were just having fun and laughing. Hence, these small moments make the entire shooting experience memorable and special.”

‘Daasvi’ is scheduled to premiere on Netflix and JioCinema on April 7.

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