David Bowie Catalog Acquired By Warner Chappell Music In Latest Big-Ticket Music Rights Deal

David Bowie‘s List has been acquired by Warner Chapel Music, an extension of a recent series of high-profile music rights deals.

Financial terms were not officially disclosed, but press reports estimated the value at more than $250 million. The rise of streaming as an economic engine, as well as the ever-increasing range of content that can include music, has driven catalog prices higher. Recent deals have been sewn by the estate of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and James Brown, among many other artists.

This agreement follows last year’s agreement between Warner Music Group (parents of Warner Chappelle) and the Bowie Estate. Under that 2021 deal, Warner Music has licensed the worldwide rights to Bowie’s recorded music catalog since 1968.

The global rights deal covers the entire body of work for Bowie, who died of liver cancer in 2016. The catalog includes songs such as “Space Oddity,” “Change,” “Ziggy Stardust,” “Starman,” “Rebel Rebel,” among others. Fame,” “Young American,” “Golden Years,” “Heroes,” “Ashes to Ashes,” “Modern Love” and “Let’s Dance.” The agreement included 26 studio albums released during Bowie’s lifetime, as well as posthumous studio album included toys, Tracks released as singles from two studio albums Bowie, soundtracks and other projects created with the band Tin Machine are also part of the package.

In the later stages of his career, Bowie took steps to gain more control over his catalogue. He licensed it to EMI Music in 1997 in a 15-year deal, but also created “Bowie Bond” securities based on his future royalties. The bond sale raised $55 million and helped Bowie buy a portion of his previous inventory, which was claimed by his former manager.

Guy Moot, Co-President and CEO of WCM, said, “We at Warner Chapel are all very proud that the David Bowie Estate has chosen us to be the caretaker of one of the most important, influential and enduring catalogs in the history of music. ” “These are not only extraordinary songs, but milestones that have forever changed the course of modern music. Bowie’s vision and creative genius inspired him to advance in the form of lyrics and music—writing such songs.” Those who challenged the convention, changed the conversation, and became part of the principle of global culture.”