David Cronenberg’s ‘Crimes Of The Future’ Nabs Six-Minute Standing Ovation At Cannes World Premiere

There are so many strange things in this world that we will not know about, but for David Cronenberg‘s future crimes, The new gender is surgery.

The Dystopian Future, starring the hipster pick Viggo Mortensen And Lee Sedoux Operating as a performing arts duo was obsessed, and the former made a six-minute standing ovation after the credits rolled here after getting their organs tattooed at the Club Crowd spectacle. Cannes Film festival premiere. Kristen Stewart plays a worker in an organ organization (yes), who is dazzled by and crushes on Viggo’s Saul Tensor; Yearning to be the new woman in his life, Sedoux takes over for Caprice.

Deadline sat in air raft seats with other trade journals and only one person in our section chose to leave during the brutal body part movie – and never came back.


David Cronenberg breaks silence on his beefy return to Cannes with ‘Crime of the Future’ – Deadline Q&A

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