David Olusoga & Tony Robinson Combine For More 4’s ‘Museum Of Us’ History Competition Series

Unique, David OlusogaUplands TV and black adder Star Tony Robinson are combining on a history competition series for channel 4 Portfolio network More 4, in which UK people have to spend weeks investigating and curating a museum about their street.

Museum of Usu Each week will be hosted by Robinson and a team made up of historians, designers and curators. Residents are challenged to create their own pop-up museum, breaking their street story piece by piece. As they begin with their personal relationships, they then gather evidence that tells the story over time and learn how it fits into Britain’s national history.

Broadcaster, historian and former McTaggart lecturer Olusoga’s indie Uplands TV, which is backed by the Channel 4 Indie Growth Fund, is behind the four-part show and Olusoga is producing the exec.

Olusoga has experience presenting BBC Two a house through time, Which traces the history of a different British city in each series.

“Thousands of streets across the UK have fascinating history hidden behind their front doors. We are delighted to work with local residents and local museums to bring their untold stories to More4,” said Olusoga.

Kate Thomas and Jasper Hohn commissioned the show. Mike Smith and Mary Crisp are performing alongside Olusoga.