Deadline’s Contenders TV: Documentary + Unscripted Kicks Off Today

what does it take to get queer eyeWill Jonathan Van Ness appear in time to shoot his Emmy-winning Netflix series? “Tough love,” jokes fellow artist Bobby Burke.

It’s just one of many revelations — humorous and otherwise — you can expect from Deadline’s full-day contenders Television: Documentary + Unscripted Virtual Event, which begins Saturday at 9 a.m. PT and brings you the hottest nonfiction series and Takes inside the movies competing for the honor. TV Awards Season.

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Out of 21 series and 60 stars, the creators and showrunners are being featured in the full day event, lucy and desi Director Amy Poehler reveals how she uncovered the “human story” of television icons Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, mining a trove of never-before-heard audio tapes of the showbiz couple. W. Kamau Bell tells us about taking on Bill Cosby, a fallen TV icon, in his Showtime series We need to talk about CosbyRevealing when he first began to believe the many women who accused the actor-comedian of sexual harassment.

Big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara, larger-than-life theme of HBO’s documentary series 100 foot waveexplains in dramatic detail what it’s like to be chased by a wall of water the size of a tsunami, and Daymond John, one of the stars shark TankBoldly declares that he is the only shark to “bring any kind of flavor” to the ABC entrepreneurial series.

masked singer Panelist Robin Thicke cast a shadow over fellow judge Ken Jeong, and the show’s EP details its strategy for keeping the Fox show “fresh and inviting” for viewers, ranging from an armadillo and a baby mammoth to a space bunny. Even celebrities were hidden in costumes. Queen Cobra. Another type of queens makes a great look: VH1’s . stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Amazon Prime Video Executive Producer lullarich and upcoming Apple TV+ series the big con Break down an emerging subgroup of true crime documentary genre-stories largely devoted to alleged fraud. the big con Goes deep with the aptly named Eric C. Cohn, a colorful Kentucky attorney convicted of pulling off a Social Security disability scandal that ran up to $550 million. lullarich Here’s an amusing look at DeAnne and Mark Stidham, the founders of LuLaRoe, a company that made billions on leggings and other apparel, before officials in Washington state accused the firm of operating as a pyramid scheme. Series executive producer Corey Shepherd Stern brought some real-life experience to the project, having previously caught his mother in a separate “multi-level marketing” operation.

Each panel begins with a compelling clip from the film or show. select from Jean-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy It features a touching moment from Kanye West’s past, when the rap star went back home to Chicago to visit his mother. It sparked discussion of what the late Donda West meant to her famous son, especially as he struggled to transition from acclaimed record producer to artist in his own right.

Janet Jackson hits home again in Lifetime multi-parter janet jackson, Gary, IN, where she spent the first few years of her life, before following her famous brothers on the concert stage. The show’s EP and director tell us what it was like to accompany the pop icon on that journey.

See the day’s schedule and lineup below, and follow our coverage throughout the day using the hashtag #DeadlineContenders on Deadlines and through social media channels. On Monday, we’ll be launching a streaming site featuring full panel videos.

Contender Television: Documentary + Unrestricted
(pt all the time)

9 am – Livestream starts


9:06-9:23 am – The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian (Star/Executive Producer)
Ben Winston (Executive Producer)


9:23-9:40 am – Shark Tank

Clay Newbill (Executive Producer)
Yoon Lingner (Executive Producer)
Kevin O’Leary (Shark, Executive Producer)
Daymond John (Shark, Executive Producer)

National Geographic

9:41-9:58 am – Life Below Zero

Joe Leitzinger (Executive Producer)
Sue Aikens (Executive Producer)
Crofton Diack (Field Producer)
Michael Cheeseman (cinematographer)

show time

9:58-10:17 am – We need to talk about Cosby

W. Kamau Bell (Director/Executive Producer)
Katie A. King (Executive Producer)


10:17-10:35 am – Queer Eye

Bobby Burke (Host)
Karamo Brown (Host)
Tan France (Host)
Antoni Porowski (Host)
Jonathan Van Ness (Host)

10:35-10:52 am – Jean-Yuhs: A Virgo Trilogy

Cudi Simmons (Writer/Director/Producer/Cinematographer)
Chike Ozah (Director/Producer)

10:52-11:07 am – cheer up

Monica Aldama (Subject)
Vonte Johnson (Subject)
Greg Whiteley (Producer/Director/Executive Producer)


11:07-11:24 am – RuPaul’s Drag Race

Angeria Paris VanMichaels (Queen)
Bosco (Queen)
Cornbread (Queen)
Lady Camden (Queen)
Willow Pellet (Queen)

amazon prime video

11:24-11:40 am – Lucy and Desi

Robert A. Martinez (Editor)
Amy Poehler (Director/Producer)
Justin Wilkes (Producer)
Jean Alfant Festa (Producer)

11:40-11:56 am – Burst Tuesday: The Era of Hip Hop Comedy

Guy Tory (Producer/Executive Producer)
Reginald Hudlin (Director/Executive Producer)

11:56 am 12:12 pm – Lullarich

Jenner First (Co-Director/Executive Producer)
Julia Willoughby Nason (co-director/executive producer)
Bailey Faust (Executive Producer)
Corey Shepherd Stern (Executive Producer)

12:12-12:42 PM Lunch Break

Apple TV+

12:43-12:58 PM – The Big Con

James Hernandez (Director/Executive Producer)
Brian Lazart (Director/Executive Producer)

12:58-1:13 PM — Dear…

Donnie Jackson (Executive Producer/Listener)
Jenna Rocher (director/cinematographer)

Warner Bros. Television

1:14-1:29 PM – True Story with Ed and Randall

Ed Helms (Host/Executive Producer)
Randall Park (Host/Executive Producer)

1:29-1:45 PM – The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Jen Flanz (showrunner/executive producer)
Dan Amira (Chief Writer/Producer)
Roy Wood Jr. (correspondent)


1:45-2 pm – Janet Jackson

Rick Murray (executive producer)
Benjamin Hirsch (director)


2:01-2:15 PM – 90 Day Fiancé

Matt Sharp (Executive Producer)
Brooklyn Bagwell (Senior Director of Casting)
Bilal Hajiz (Season 9 Couple)
Shaida Sween (Season 9 Couple)

hbo documentary movies

2:15-2:30 PM – 100 Foot Wave

Chris Smith (Director/Executive Producer)
Joe Lewis (Executive Producer)
Garrett McNamara (subject)
Nicole McNamara (Subject)

2:30-2:45 PM – Nuclear family

Rae Russo-Young (Producer/Director/Producer)
Dan Kogan (Producer)


2:45-3:01 PM – The Challenge: Lies, Detectives & Allies

TJ Lavin (Host)
Chris “Whistle” Tamburello (Cast Member/Season Winner)
Casey Clark (Cast Member/Season Winner)
Emer Harkin (showrunner)

Fox Television

3:02-3:16 PM – The Masked Singer

Craig Plestis (Executive Producer)
Robin Thicke (Panelist)