Delhi Crime season 2 actress Shefali Shah opens up on ‘Boycott Bollywood’ trend

when season 1 Delhi Crime premiered on netflix indiaThis surprised many and opened many days to the Indians. OTT Subject. For one, none, not even Netflix had imagined itself how big it would be and moreover, it was the first of its kind, non-documentary web series in the country, which was based on a brutal real-life incident that shook the nation, apart from the ending In too. giving Shefali Shah A major act worthy of both his brilliance and his arresting (no puns present) screen presence. Also read- Delhi Crime Season 2 Review: Shefali Shah and Rasika Duggal set to solve another dark, gruesome case

delhi crime season 2

Now, 3 years later, most of the same case and return for the crew delhi crime season 2, this time, with a load of expectations and baggage of obeying your class act. Ahead of the eagerly anticipated release web seriesBollywoodlife sat down with most of the cast and directors Tanuj Chopra for one exclusive interview Where we went off topic and discussed some topics as well. Also read- Year Ender 2021: Aarya 2, The Family Man 2, Aspirants and more – Top 10 web series of this year to watch now on OTT

Delhi crime season 2 exclusive interview

For example, the current, unfair and highly irrational ‘boycott’ trend in Bollywood is reaching alarming proportions and it seems worse is still to come. With trolls increasing day by day, we demand that Bollywood be boycotted every minute, we put Shefali Shah Going to the spot and asking if your work is safe, like Delhi Crime, directly released on OTT.

Shefali Shah reveals the ‘Boycott Bollywood’ trend

Reflecting on the current trend of boycotts going on in Bollywood, Shefali Shah said that what she doesn’t understand is hate as it is nothing but hatred and it takes a lot of effort to be hated. In her opinion, in any form and by anyone, not just for Bollywood celebs, energy is wasted in the wrong direction and the effort could be better spent elsewhere for more creative pursuits.

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