Democrats Attack Dr. Oz As “Hollywood’s Celebrity Doctor” In New ‘Wizard’-Themed Spot

Senate Majority PAC Is Launching a New Location That Attacks Mehmet Ozu As “Hollywood’s Celebrity Doctor” Using The Indispensable Subject Wizard of Oz To skewer a collection of GOP candidate homes, among other things.

The seven-figure Pennsylvania ad purchase is part of the Political Action Committee’s $32 million in reservations in the state. This is his second advertisement of the cycle.

Contrary to what has been seen in recent campaigns, it is Democrats who are influencing Republicans’ Hollywood ties in an effort to show that they are out of touch with Pennsylvania. Spot, introducing the candidate as “the great and mighty Oz”, shows a shot of him kissing his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, taken from a ceremony in February, and borrows from a line in The Wizard of Oz , when the narrator, noting that the Doctor owns homes in New Jersey, Palm Beach, and Turkey, is “far from PA.”

The Pennsylvania race is likely to be one of the most expensive midterm contests, as Democrats now seek to overturn the seat of Sen. Pat Tommy (R-PA), who is retiring.

Oz, backed by Donald Trump, has made some missteps, including a campaign video taken at a supermarket in which he tried to slam President Joe Biden on inflation, but instead paints a vegetable tray with a reference to the GOP candidate. Referred to as Crudite.

Oz’s campaign is intensifying its attack on Fetterman. Politico reported that Oz is reaching out to high-profile conservative figures for help, and Laura Ingraham and Ben Shapiro have recently spoken out against Fetterman. Australia is also trying to Make Fetterman’s health an issue, Democratic candidates suffered a setback just days before the primary, something that limited their presence on the campaign trail.

Oz’s campaign also released own unusual place Earlier this month, this one in which a bong coming from Fetterman’s head and the candidate was attacked for his links to the “crazy ideas” of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders.