Denzel Washington Tells Theater Owners “We Would Be Nothing Without You” – CinemaCon

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart,”; Denzel Washington told a colosseum full of exhibition executives cinemacon,

star of equalizer 3 – first trailer to be released tomorrow – receives the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by director Antoine Fuqua during Sonywhich opened the annual four-day event in Las Vegas.

“We would be nothing without all of you. We are here for you. We are here because of you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been blessed beyond measure,” Washington said.

“True movie stars matter more than ever,” studio head Tom Rothman said in opening remarks. “Streaming doesn’t make movie stars, only true global hits.” And Sony, he emphasized to the room, “is the only major motion picture studio devoted entirely to dramatics” with a variety of films ranging from superheroes to dramas. where the crawdads sing To a man called otto,

“You know the more they say those genres are dead, the more we like it. Originality is always a risk. But for me, I’ve always felt that the bigger risk is boring the audience equally. making. Rothman said.

Washington further added, Fuqua, “doesn’t like to be called a movie star … I think the audience has come to know what to expect from Denzel, a sense of honor, dignity and morality, to do what is right.” commitment and determination to see it through.”

The previewed Equalizer trailer opens on the lines of Volare. Robert McCall (Washington) is living quietly in Italy where he is “one of us now,” says a local. When the Mafia emerges, as one character says, “they’re like cancer, no cure” and Robert must protect his friends.