DGA Says It Supports WGA In Its Efforts To Achieve A “Fair & Reasonable” Contract

The Directors Guild said today it supports wga In its ongoing conversation for a new film and TV contract. The WGA’s contract expires on May 1, and DGA will start bargaining Together Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers to his own contract on 10 May DGAHis contract expires on June 30.

“As the WGA enters its final weeks of negotiations before the contract expires on May 1, we
Support them in their efforts to achieve a just and fair settlement for their members, the DGA said in a statement. “During this time of significant change for our industry, all the creative talents, artisans,
The craftsmen, and workers who make the films and television shows that drive our industry, deserve to live a stable life and share in the success that we create together.

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“We all have a stake in issues such as wages, residual streaming, funding for our health and pension plans, health and safety and more. We urge AMPTP to seriously consider the concerns of the writers and arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement.”

Former Directors Guild presidents have been Paris Barclay and Thomas Schlamme. Designated Co-Chair of the DGA Outreach Team before what Guild predicts talks will be “tough” for a new film and TV contract

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National Board of SAG-AFTRA voted unanimously on Saturday to approve a motion “strongly in support” of the WGA’s ongoing negotiations for a new film and TV contract.