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    Dhoom 2 Turns 15! Vijay Krishna Acharya Recalls Favourite Robbery Scenes

    Dhoom 2 15 Years Old! Vijay Krishna Acharya recalls favorite robbery scenes (Photo Credits: Instagram/Poster from the movie)

    Yash Raj Films’ 2004 release ‘Dhoom’ established a new genre of heist-action films in India. With thrilling action and foot-tapping music, the film enthralled the audience as it made way for the franchise as a whole.

    The second installment of the franchise ‘Dhoom 2’ was released exactly 15 years back and this further increased the audience’s attraction towards this genre.

    As the film celebrates its 15th anniversary, Vijay Krishna (Victor) Acharya, writer of ‘Dhoom’ and ‘Dhoom 2’ and director of ‘Dhoom 3’ has roped in Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai to design the biggest action sequences. opened about. Bachchan-starrer ‘Dhoom 2’.

    Vijay reconstructed three major action sequences of the film, starting with the legendary train robbery. The writer shared the idea behind the robbery, saying, “The character of Aryan in ‘Dhoom 2’ was supposed to be someone who leads an almost invisible life, and he can do it because he is a master of disguise.”

    Elaborating further, he explained how a brave choice of transforming HrithikThe character of an old woman gave rise to one of the most iconic action sequences of Hindi cinema, “The first robbery was planned to symbolize this aspect of Aryan. At that point it felt audacious to see if we could pull off Hrithik as an old lady with a fortune. Of course, this sequence would not have been the same if there was no sense of motion. A train hits the desert of Namibia. It also establishes the thief as someone who is after rare items, a connoisseur.”

    He then refers to the diamond robbery sequence set in the museum where Hrithik’s character is posing as a statue while he patiently maneuvers a remote controlled car to execute the robbery. Vijay said, “Personally I have always been fascinated by museums, the sense of history and feel over time. Since museum piracy is almost a trap set by Jai (Abhishek Bachchan), the trick was that Aryan Museum How to get in, and the solution presented itself because of the location. If you have to rob a museum, what about having an exhibit yourself?

    And finally, the writer talks about the ancient sword robbery, where Hrithik’s character learns that he has a traitor, adding, “This was where Aryan meets Sunehri. The structure was more than a scene that could then lend itself to an action sequence. It also becomes the scene that will set the tone for the chemistry between the lead pair. ,

    “Looking back, I must say that I really enjoyed writing this scene and the sequence after that forces them to be a team. A master thief and his acolyte,” Vijay said with a sense of contentment and artistic fulfillment.

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