Did Gal Gadot Accidently Spoil Wonder Woman’s Anticipated Cameo In ‘The Flash’ Through Her Latest Instagram Post?

Gal Gadot is speculated to appear as Wonder Woman in The Flash (Photo Credits – Movie Stills)

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is grabbing all the headlines possible, the DCEU is also gearing up for a stellar roster. Apart from Batman, The Flash is one of the biggest projects to come out of the Warner Bros. The Ezra Miller starrer is set to reimagine several characters from the Dark Universe and we already know that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck are confirmed to recreate Batman. The non-confirmed discussion centers around Gal Gadot.

For the longest time, since 2017, it has been speculated that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is set to make a special appearance in the Ezra Miller starrer, becoming a Spider-Man: No Way Home-like reunion project. But neither the makers nor gadot Haven’t given any confirmation on this yet. Fans have been waiting for a long time for this mystery to be solved.

Now it looks like Gal Gadot has decided to drop hints, or accidentally spill some news that she shouldn’t have. Through his latest Instagram post, girl He might have confirmed The Flash cameo and below is everything you need about the same.

Like many other Hollywood celebrities, Gal Gadot was closing out her 2021 with a video summarizing the special moments of each month. In July and August moments, the actor revealed something that confirmed his presence in The Flash. Gal can be seen on a makeup chair wearing a Wonder Woman costume in both stills. The fact that 1984 released in 2020 and the next WW installment is far from in production, what made her look like Diana Prince?

Meanwhile, if you look at the background in Gal Gadot’s July still, a man can be seen wearing a lanyard just like The Flash. And Flash was shot between April and October last year. Director Andy Muschietti also confirmed the completion of the film in October. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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