Did Johnny Depp Take A Sly Dig At Amber Heard In New Song As He Croons “I Think You’ve Said Enough”? Netizens Are Convinced!

Did Johnny Depp cast a shadow over Amber Heard in his new song? (Photo Credit – Instagram; Wikimedia)

Johnny Depp seems to have left some things untold as some speculate that his new songs shade Amber Heard. After a victory in a weeks-long defamation lawsuit, JD celebrated by reviving their band. There was a claim against the Aquaman actress to defame her by saying that she had suffered abuse from the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

It was an intense month for the former couples as the entire world watched the courtroom drama on TV. Many fans came in support of the actor and some towards Herd. After the test is over, Sky Shared her disappointment over the verdict and even talked about it several times.

However, Johnny Depp only made a statement after the verdict was pronounced and has not spoken about the Amber Heard case since then. But now, some people think he has. But Laik sings his thoughts in his new song. Depp previously held a concert for his fans with his band Hollywood Vampire.

Now, Johnny Depp co-wrote two songs with composer Jeff Beck for the album 18, and some of the lyrics refer to Amber Heard. According to The Sunday Times, the lyrics to the song shadowing the actress are, “I think you’ve said enough for a motherf*cking night.”

Listens to another track, “Sad Motherf*king Parade” Depp Say: “You’re sitting like a seven-year-old itchy dog,” and say, “If I had a penny, it wouldn’t reach your hand.” After winning the trial, Johnny was awarded $10.35 million at a loss, while amber received $2 million on the counterargument.

Everyone became well aware that Amber Heard, whose net worth is $8 million Can’t afford to pay such a huge amount to Johnny Depp. However, recently the jury gave him a written order to fulfill the demand.

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