Did You Know? Filming Of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Had Cost Burj Khalifa Its 35 Windows

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol director talks about the film on its 10th anniversary (Photo Credits: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Poster)

The Ghost Protocol crew broke 35 windows during the shooting of the film Mission Impossible: Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Mission Impossible franchise has become famous all over the world. Tom Cruise fans love the actor in action, whether hanging from the tallest building on Earth or a flying plane. All the stunt sequences are what the entire series is really famous about.

The first part came out 25 years ago and saw Ethan Hunt trying to prove his innocence to the IMF by not being a mole. Now, Cruise is set to appear in two more films, which are going to be seventh and the eighth installment in 2022 and 2023.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the fourth part of the series marking its 10th anniversary, featured Tom Cruise’s character climbing the Burj Khalifa. Director Brad Bird recently spoke with Radio Times and revealed a little-known fact about how the filming process was inside the building in Dubai.

“You really have to break the windows to get them out and then put the new ones in — so we did it in about five places, and once we started we said, OK, can we break anything else? And we broke like 35 windows,” the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol helmer said.

“We’ve done almost everything except the super close-up where you’re looking down Tom – They were done on the reproduction of the building because there’s no reason to go through all the trouble if you’re just going to be in close-up,” he said.

“But everything else… we not only got everything we wanted, we basically got the whole sequence, and we broke up like I said 30-something windows. And we just kept adding camera angles and more and more.” Keep shooting more. And this whole sequence is basically IMAX footage shot on that building,” said the director of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

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