Discovery+ Gives 2023 Bonus By Sharing Multi-Genre Line-Up Of Shows- Check Out The Pipeline!

Discovery+ kicks off 2023 with an array of scintillating shows! Here’s what’s in the pipeline (photo credit – show poster)

Discovery+, the definitive non-fiction, real-life subscription streaming service from Warner Bros. Discovery, announces its programming slate now available to stream in January.

Titles include Hunt for the Indian Mujahideen, a Discovery+ original about the rise and fall of the Indian Mujahideen in the early 2000s, and the story is told in the first-person narrative of the investigating officers; Playboy Murders, an investigative crime thriller, features murder investigations and mysteries that intersect with the world of Playboy; 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way S4 will see couples willing to go the extra mile to get married as they have to travel to their partner’s home country; Kids will be in for a lot of delight this January with a host of new releases including Bablu W, the new season of Little Singham, Fukrey Boys, as well as the much-awaited movie premieres of Kaal Bana Vishkal (3D) and Tashan in Foreign.

Series/show releases in January include:

Discovery + Origin

Search for Indian Mujahideen

An investigative documentary about the rise and fall of the Indian Mujahideen in the early 2000s, the story is told in the first-person narrative of the investigating officers. As the story progresses, the audience discovers the truth behind one of the most sinister domestic terrorist networks.

Streaming from 19th January

investigative crime

6 January

The documentary, directed by Gédéon and Jules Naudet, aims to tell “the definitive story of the Siege of the Capitol”, including footage of the uprising and interviews with many who saw it unfold before their eyes, including Representatives Cheney, Susan Wild , Adam Kinzinger and Jamie Raskin, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the law enforcement officers who were attacked that day, and others.

Streaming from 6th January

playboy murders

An anthology series chronicling the murders and mysteries intertwined in the world of Playboy. This six-part series is hosted, and executive produced by former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison.

Streaming from 26 January

the price of glee

In May 2009, 10 young actors made their TV Beginning on Glee. By 2020, all of them will become famous. And three of them will die. The Price of Glee, the new three-part limited series will take a look at the cast’s life on and off the set with never-before-seen interviews about the demands of being behind the scenes on a hit TV show. -Scene Drama: Relatives and friends of Glee cast members; those who were on and near the set such as set decorators, hairdressers, stylists and publicists; and entertainment journalists who covered the show.

Streaming from 18th January

prisoner of the prophet

Brielle, the 65th wife of the prophet Warren Jeffs, details her life – and survival – in the FLDS church. Brielle’s story reveals the darkest secrets of the polygamy cult.

Streaming from 31st January

wicked west murder

The four-episode series showcases some of the most compelling murders committed in some of the most remote towns in the American West. This could be the toughest case for the cops to solve.

Streaming from 12th January

History and Mythology

Racket S2

Rakkt S2 showcases various stories related to the great battles that took place to change all the rules and rulers in Indian history. Second weather Brings to light the great wars fought over deceit, treachery and betrayal. The first episode is based on Sambhaji Bhosale, the son of Shivaji Maharaj, the great emperor of the Maratha Empire.

Streaming from 2nd January


Naked and Afraid XL S7

A group of the world’s best survival experts face a unique situation. 40 days and nights without food, water and clothes. To survive, they would need to master the environment, far beyond the breaking point.

Streaming from 5th January

Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti

Expedition Unknown: The Hunt for the Yeti chronicles the amazing adventures of a Yeti hunting film crew, led by Josh Gates, on their way to uncover the truth of the Yeti’s hidden existence deep in the Himalayas.

Streaming from 25 January

reality television

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Side S4

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is a reality television show that features couples where American partners marry their partners abroad and move on to their home countries and their subsequent lives.

Streaming from 30 January

Restaurant: Impossible S16

With only US$10,000 and two days to help the owners get back in business, chef Robert Irwin sets out to save a restaurant on the brink of closure.

Streaming from 18th January

Kids Baking Championship S10

12 talented young bakers compete for the title of Kids Baking Champion and $25,000. Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli return as hosts and judges again for an exciting season.

Streaming from 4th January

girl meets farm S9

Food blogger Molly Yeh shares her love for cooking by preparing a variety of delicious dishes while sharing insights into her life in the countryside.

Streaming from 27 January


Top Gear America S2

Dax Shepard, Rob Corddry and Jethro Bovingdon are back for another season of an exploration of American car culture that’s exciting and entertaining, even for non-enthusiasts. The two-episode special will feature a trip in 200+ MPH supercars to the home of Native American daredevil, Evel Knievel; And a look at what modern, eco-conscious CEOs can run without fear of public backlash

Streaming from 6th January

Kids Special!

Discovery+ will usher in the new year with fresh seasons of Little Singham (S6) and Fukrey Boyz (S5) emerging as the preferred destination for kids to watch their most loved shows. Bablu W (S1) will be available to stream with the thrilling special – Kaal Bana Vishkaal (3D) and Tashan in Foreign.

~Tune-in to Discovery+ this January to see exciting new releases in crime, motor sports, reality television, kids programming and more~

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