Discovery+ To Air LGBTQ+ Series ‘Control’ Around The World; Show Started Out As “Two Minute School Assignment”

Unique: What started as a Polish university project about two LGBTQ+ women in a country ranked first in a list of human rights abuses by Rainbow Europe will soon be available worldwide Search,

Deadline may reveal that season two of 22-year-old Natasza Parzmiz’ Control Poland’s on will fall at the end of the month Discovery Player And the following year on the global streaming platform, following the first run’s YouTube success, which was also picked up by Player.

Telling the story of young gay lovers Natalia and Majka, Parzymies created a seven-episode web series As a Warsaw Film School project, it was never intended for broadcast, but the show became an overnight success when uploaded to YouTube.

The first series has garnered over 50 million views on YouTube, with high engagement in areas repressive to LGBTQ+ people such as China and the Parzymies’ native Poland.

The series follows two similar characters and is set around Christmas time, alongside Parzymies, which is based on HBO’s . was inspired by excitement and BBC3’s normal people, telling Deadline that she was determined to uphold the authenticity of the first season for this.

“I’m 22, so I don’t have much experience, but what I do have is authenticity,” she said. “So the best part of Discovery Player’s involvement is that the show has kept its spirit but with added professionalism. It’s great that we’ve come to a place where we feel like we can do what we do.” We like but support a big and important platform like Player.

Parzymies stressed that she never imagined a “two-minute school assignment” would have achieved such acclaim and popularity and described the local reception as “surprisingly good” for a country that Rainbow is ranked first by Europe for “gross violations of human rights and discrimination”. ,

“I tried to make the story so universal that it was really about someone,” she said. “I always say that love has nothing to do with politics and that’s what we’re trying to show here.”

The decision to move the show to Discovery+ next year will tap into its YouTube popularity, according to Discovery Player director Maciej Gozdowski, who said the network checks the local market almost daily for authentic shows such as Control that it could potentially bring on board.

By the end of the second minute of the first series, Gozdowski was convinced. Control Will work for Discovery.

“I told my colleagues ‘we need this and there is no better place than Poland to show it,'” he said. “Initially it was not easy to win Nataza’s trust but till now it has been a huge success.”

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