Divya Agarwal Finally Takes The Blame For Her ‘Abrupt’ Break-Up With Varun Sood, Reveals Feeling Guilty For Breaking His Heart; Fiancé Apurva Padgaonkar Said “You Did Good To That Guy”

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Divya Agarwal finally takes the blame for her ‘sudden’ break-up with Varun Sood – here’s what she said (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Former lovebirds Divya Aggarwal and Varun Sood have been making headlines for a while now due to their break-up. The pair have been involved in indirect mud-slinging at each other on social media since they announced their fling. What later caught everyone’s eye was her engagement to Apoorva Padgaonkar soon after she broke up with Varun on social media. While the actress was in trouble, she recently admitted that she broke up with Varun because of complicated feelings.

The actress recently got into a detailed conversation where she spoke about being confused after meeting Apoorva. In the same interview, she also recalled her reaction to her relationship with Priyank Sharma, saying that he used to ask her “How is the babysitting going?” Scroll down for more interesting details from her breakup.

Divya Agarwal with fiancee Apoorva Padgaonkar was recently seen in RJ Anmol and amrita raoIn the chat show ‘Couple of Things’ where he spoke openly about his personal and professional life. Divya started spilling the beans from the very beginning, “I was very depressed after my father passed away. At my lowest point, I could not find anyone around me. That’s when I felt that something is wrong in this relationship. Then I met Apoorva on February 14 last year at a common friend’s wedding. We sat and just said, ‘How stupid we were. We could have been there’. I told him that I am in a relationship. And to be honest, after that day, I was in a dilemma. He asked me to meet his dogs. I met him, I met his parents and then I don’t know how, I saw his wardrobe in his bedroom and just thought, ‘Where is my place here?’ I didn’t even share this idea with him. I was very excited and felt guilty because I had a boyfriend (Varun Sood).

He further added, “With Varun, I felt everywhere. With Apoorva, I would feel calm and mature. I introduced Varun to Apoorva. I told him clearly that I have a problem. I was confused. Whatever happened is very wrong and happened because of me. I need to stay somewhere. And that’s why it was such a sudden break-up. I just brought the car to a screeching halt. This thought always used to cross my mind that if I had to marry my ex(Varun) Would I like to invite Apoorva and if I invite her, would I love to see her on that side. Apoorva has been the most important person in my life. I had a lot of complicated feelings running through my mind.

Divya Aggarwal further admitted that when she was guilty of breaking up with Varun, Apoorva planned a trip to Goa with her. “We’ve never done an overnight trip together before. He told me, ‘You did well with that man because later it would have been a bigger mess’. He took me to Goa and I didn’t know, he took me to his Kuldevi temple and told me, ‘Don’t ask for anything. Just sit quietly’. Again, he reminded me of my father as he used to take me to all spiritual places. Apoorva adds, “Again she is back in her ‘marriage’ phase,” she concludes.

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