Does Murtasim From Tere Bin Lack Self Respect- Evidence |

Yes, Wahaj Ali is handsome and talented and these qualities are helping him to land his role as Murtasim in the blockbuster drama Tere Bin. But let’s talk about Khan Murtasim Khan, the Khan of the village and his being shown as the biggest event in the universe. The entry of the character was great. The entire fan base was in awe of the strength and stubbornness shown by the character. The way he falls in love with his girlfriend Meerab, played by Yumna Zaidi, makes him fall in love all over again. The drama is on and now we think that he might not be the Khan that the makers wanted him to be and perhaps the man lacks basic self-respect.

There are many examples when Murtasim is shown that a feigned and angry man like him should not have a desire for self-respect and now it has no meaning. Yes there are many instances when he slapped Meerab or asked him to jump off the roof and those were also out of character as Murtasim is not a cruel man but he still must have the self respect that he lacks and Here’s the proof:

Can’t stand up for himself:

Murtasim cannot speak for himself. He had married a girl he didn’t want to marry which was now a good idea on his part. He was asked to become a “Gaddinshin” and give up his real passion, which he did. He is always scolded by his mother or his wife and never speaks clearly for himself.

Does Tere Bin Ke Murtasim lack self-respect – proof

Signed a strange contract:

We respect Murtasim for always respecting his wife’s consent or lack thereof but why was he marrying a girl who was asking him to sign such a frivolous contract for not marrying her ? Although it was shown that he would do so to preserve his “honour”, he went against his own honor when he signed it despite being in a powerful position.

Does Tere Bin Ke Murtasim lack self-respect – proof

Mirab never respects his decisions:

Many people will say that Murtasim can get closer with Meerab but the man never reciprocates from the other side so why would he? And then his wife went and scolded him in front of an entire panchayat and he took the bus. I mean wasn’t he Khan Murtasim Khan? Then she left and was kidnapped because she couldn’t listen to his advice and stayed in a car in a very secluded area.

Does Tere Bin Ke Murtasim lack self-respect – proof

Communication of his wife with his former friend:

Meerab now knows that her friend was in love with her and she still visits him, talks to him and even goes to his house (she could prevent him from being dragged into her flat) and when confronted When asked, she says that she has done nothing wrong. Murtaşim on the other hand is just looking pathetic and doing some aerial firing as a man has no self-respect and cannot accept separation from a woman who does not want him. No need for violence but man! Just say enough is enough.

Does Tere Bin Ke Murtasim lack self-respect – proof

Always begging for love:

Anyone who has seen even a single episode of Tere Bin cannot understand why Murtaseem falls so much in love with Meerab. She is beautiful but that is where the charm should end. But he is in full Ranjha mode and he is always begging for her love and affection which may not be inside him as is evident from his actions.

Does Tere Bin Ke Murtasim lack self-respect – proof

Mirab banishes his sister:

It is wrong of Meerab to plan solely for Murtasim’s sister and not feel remorse about it. Everyone in this scenario makes mistake from different points of view but Mirab just tried to destroy her husband and sent her sister-in-law with a man she doesn’t know. A person who did not show the courage to come forward and is only meeting him in the shadows. But Murtaşim’s self-respect is still dead because the man didn’t show half the reaction when his wife was kidnapped. He is still cohabiting with Mirab who tried to destroy him and his family.

Does Tere Bin Ke Murtasim lack self-respect – proof

In short, Murtasim is just another Saad with more money and a bigger mustache at this point and if he is Khan Murtasim Khan then he needs to do more!