Don Lemon Assault Case Dropped By Accuser After “Deep Dive Into My Memory”; CNN Host’s Lawyer Decries “Malicious & Vulgar Attack” On Client

almost three years later CNN anchor don lemon A man accused of assaulting a man at a Sag Harbor, NY, bar in 2018, the incendiary trial ended in a whisper.

“After a lot of internal reflection and a deep dive into my memory, I’ve discovered that my memories of events that happened in the night when I first met CNN anchor Don Lemon were what I thought they weren’t when I Dustin Hayes filed this suit in court and on conservative media after he backed down from his allegations of assault and subsequent emotional distress against the CNN anchor. “As a result, I am dropping the case,” sent by attorney Robert Barnes for Hiss The brief statement concluded.

Memory can be a tricky thing as many judges, policemen and lawyers will tell you. A federal judge in March is being told by a federal judge that the person you’re accusing must pay you $77,000 in sanctions because you destroyed or at least tampered with evidence and bribed witnesses. If you’ve tried to give, it’s probably hard to forget if you want to continue your work. trial. And of course, that’s what US Magistrate Judge Thomas Locke told Haise on March 23 for a pattern of breach of court conduct.

in your pretty clear filing 11 August 2019Hiss originally alleged that Lemon displayed a pattern of “aggression and hostility”.

With whispers of a $1.5 million shakedown, CNN went strong for its ally. “In this lawsuit, plaintiffs have previously displayed a pattern of contempt for CNN on their social media accounts,” said a spokesman for the cable newser run by Jeff Zucker at the time. “This claim follows his failed threats and extortionate demand from Don Lemon,” said an outlet now owned by Warner Bros., back in 2019. “Dawn categorically denies these claims and this case does not deserve any further comment. At this time.”

Move on to today in 2022 and, needless to say, after Lemon spends a small fortune defending himself in court and the amplified enthusiasm of MAGA Fools off the court, UTA—Rapped CNN’s attorney Carolyn Polisi offered more broadly today after Hiss took out his recollection statement:

Thankfully, Mr. Hiss was finally able to access his memory and recall the true version of events the night he approached Don Lemon.

It has been a long and difficult journey for Don. In respect of the judicial process and my advice, he has had to remain silent for facing malicious and obscene attacks on his character. Unfortunately, being a gay black man in the media, he has had to deal with such attacks for quite some time.

The court’s decision fully justifies Mr Lemon and puts an end to this humiliating trial. This case was of unnecessary money grab from the very beginning. Mr Lemon has not paid the plaintiff a dime during this unfortunate spectacle, and he is eager to move on with his life.

I hope many in the media have learned their lesson about misrepresenting facts and jumping to conclusions. Reporting on this story from multiple outlets has been a case study in unethical and uninformed reporting.

Now the case won’t be heard next month, but Hice still has to come up with that $77,000.

Lemon’s CNN show airs weekdays at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. No word on whether he’ll address the matter on-air, but we’ll update if the host does.