Double Duty: Max Thieriot To Star In Both ‘SEAL Team’ & ‘Fire Country’ Series Next Season

particular, Max Thiriot Will work very hard for next year. He is the star and executive producer of the CBS/CBS Studios drama fire country, which was selected for the series yesterday. Thierryt is also one of the stars of CBS Studio’s former CBS drama series seal Team Which now streams on Paramount+.

Betina Strauss/CBS

when theoret closed a deal to give title fire country pilot (fka) cal fire) In February, Paramount+ just renewed seal team for season 6, At the time, Thierryt was the only main cast not to have a revised-for-streaming Season 6 deal, and his current option had not yet been chosen by CBS Studios as everyone waited to see what happened. fire countryA passion project for Theriot.

I heard that since then, Theriot has closed a deal for season 6. seal Team, which is set to start production soon. After wrapping up the military drama, Thieriot is expected to argue fire country As it is starting the shooting of its first season. One year arrangement. applies to the upcoming sixth season of seal Team; It is not yet clear what will happen next with him and the rest of the cast whose contracts have expired at that time.

new seal Team The deal ends the uncertainty that prompted the season 5 finale to end in a cliffhanger for Thierryt’s character Clay Spence. On his way to the gardener, Clay (Thiriot) tells Jason (David Boreanaz) that this will be his last mission with Bravo for a while, adding that he is transferring to the Green Team so that he can become Stella (Alona Tal). to spend more time with. and her newborn son, Brian. When they return to the ground in Mali, Bravo is ambushed, framed and under fire, and Clay is hit with an eye splinter, footage that accompanies Stella’s baby shower. connected in a montage.

fire country, from Jerry Bruckheimer Television and CBS Studios, is inspired by Theriot’s experiences growing up in the Northern California Fire Country and stems from an original idea by the actor, who co-wrote the story for the pilot with his writers, Tony Phelan and Joan Rater. have also done.