Double XL Movie Review: The L In This Film’s Title Stands For Lack (Of Creativity)

Double XL Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Huma Qureshi, Sonakshi Sinha, Zaheer Iqbal, Mahat Raghavendra

the director: Satram Ramani

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Double XL Movie Review Out! (photo credit – still from Double XL)

What’s good: The only comedy is inadvertently performed during the entire film!

What’s worse: I would like to spend 300 bucks on Cheesy Lava Gourmet Burger Meal because that’s what this movie preaches, be fat no matter what

Lou Break: Much longer than it usually takes after a Cheesy Lava Gourmet Burger meal

See or not?: I’d rather see how the cheese melts on my Cheesy Lava Gourmet Burger Meal

Available at: theatrical release

Runtime: 128 minutes

user Rating:

Rajshri (Huma Qureshi) loves cricket! Not only that, for some reason, she doesn’t dream of ‘presenting’ the match (she wants to be a sports presenter) but dancing with ‘one-sided smile’ Shikhar Dhawan at an event. I love to review hollywood movies, when would I dream of dancing ana de armaso, Ok, so she is a girl from Meerut whose parents are trying hard to get her married, but it is difficult because of her ‘Double XL’ size.

Somehow she crashes with a Delhi-based fashion designer Saira (Sonakshi Sinha), both of whom weep in the washroom, blaming their ‘Double XL’ bodies for the mess in their lives. Saira has presented a fashion travelogue to some investors and for that they need a director. Q: What could be more logical than asking an aspiring sports presenter (who hasn’t even got a job yet) to direct a travelogue that could be her last chance to prove herself? Answer: Story of this movie.

double xl movie review
Double XL movie review (photo credit – still from Double XL)

Double XL Movie Review: Script Analysis

Before we start talking about the script of the film (which is not worth talking about), let me share some incidents that happened before and during the film. There was a bullet (strategically placed) right in front of my seat on the floor and I didn’t expect such gesture of giving a headache pill by the makers even before the film started. While watching the second half, a fire alarm went off in my heart and I wished it wasn’t a false warning (but it was!). I heard someone say, “I wish there had been a little fire!” (that someone I am).

Back to the screenplay by Mudassar Aziz (always loved him for Happy Bhag Jayegi and now, will hate him for it) which tries to be ‘progressive’ to show body positivity, but under the guise of ‘staying healthy’ obese glorifies being. , Before you judge me for my comments, I’m a ‘Double XL’ person myself and there wasn’t a single scene I was involved with. Dialogues like “Aap door gagan ki chao mein kya khoon rahe hai, gori teri gaon mein hai” purely show how amateurish everything about this film is.

Double XL movie review: Star performance

Huma Qureshi and Sonakshi Sinha are obviously emotionally charged for this story, but unfortunately, the script is not in favor of them channeling all that energy in the right way. Both carry the dramatic part well but fail to grab attention in anything else.

Loved Zaheer Iqbal in Notebook but here she is nothing more than a failed clone of Salman Khan. His character in the film, tells people to call him ‘Zoo Za Zoo’ (for 3467 times) and I would prefer ‘Zoo’ for him. Mahat Raghavendra is shown as this permanent stone pelter who also carries luggage in a plane and I would like to know where the writers made their luggage while sketching his character. Just want to report that dealer to the police.

double xl movie review
Double XL movie review (photo credit – still from Double XL)

Double XL Movie Review: Direction, Music

Satram Ramani has tried to put together a good looking picture out of whatever mess he had found in the form of the story. Everything looks fresh but there is no use as the extremely dull layer of script and screenplay will go unnoticed.

The songs in this review suck for a long time and are worth no more than 13 words.

Double XL Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, the subject needed more sensitive handling, gut-busting comedy and ultra-smart writing and because it had neither of them. I wish I should have taken that pill!

A star!

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double xl Releasing on November 04, 2022.

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