Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Review: An Avengers: Endgame-Like Climax With A Super Saiyan Twist To Be Rejoiced By Fans!

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Star Cast (English Dubbed Voice): Kyle Hebert, Sean Schimmel, Robert McCollum, Christopher R. Sabat, Monica Rhea, Christopher R. Sabat, Sonny Strait, Eric Vale, Cara Edwards, Jenny Tirado, Zach Aguilar, Alex Ley, Zeno Robinson, Charles Martinet, Jason Marnocha

the director: tetsuro kodama

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Review (Photo Credits – Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Poster)

What’s good: The visual buoyancy in graphics is great for two reasons – first, the makers don’t go all-in with the 3D model to make it look too advanced, second, it helps them retain the much-loved charm/innocence . performance

What’s worse: You’ll watch it and forget about it instantly, just like a really good episode of the series

Lou Break: It’s just 100 minutes, you won’t pass the test!

See or not?: If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, I’m sure you’ve already booked tickets, but if you’re not a fan, there’s no great reason to recommend it to you.

Available at: theatrical release

Runtime: 100 minutes

user Rating:

After 20 feature films and a ton of animatic episodes from the wild imagination of Akira Toriyama’s world, we’re back for the 21st film (the second in the ‘Super’ series after Broly) with a superhero. Why? super hero Name? Well, the story starts from where the last movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly left us goku and Vegeta’s training on the planet Beerus but Piccolo encounters an android superhero in Gamma 2.

Gamma’s android army is created by Dragon Ball Z’s ‘Team Rocket’, the Red Ribbon Army, with the help of Dr. Hado, grandson of the villainous Dr. Gero. The commander of the RR, along with Magenta Staff Officer Carmine, wants Haddo to free the Beast in Cell Max (Cell’s successor) to wipe out Goku and the family through a sinister plan. Piccolo plans to stop it with the help of Goku’s son Gohan and his 3-year-old beloved Pan. How the planning and fighting takes shape is where the key moments of the story take place.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Review
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Review (Photo Credit – A Still from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero)

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Review: Script Analysis

Oji Akira Toriyama just can’t stop imagining the crazy situations his beloved characters could be in and this is one of them. The idea of ​​shifting the film’s focus from Goku to Gohan was certainly a risky one, but it’s cleverly executed while maintaining fan-favorite elements.

Yes, the emotional connection is missing but the crazy humor makes up for that. Deliberately watching it in Hindi as my childhood was spent watching shows in the same language, so it took me on a refreshingly nostalgic journey. Delivering dialogues like “Jaane Jaaye Par Deadline Na Jaye” with ‘work-focused’ Gohan and

The makers joined hands with Toei Animation Company to give 3D look to the characters and it looks amazing.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Review
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Review (Photo Credit – A Still from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero)

Direction, Music:

This is Tetsuro Kodama’s first foray into the world of Dragon Ball and it seems he didn’t fully understand the assignment. The psychedelic climax and empowering parts of Gohan, too, are too short to mention the high moments in the film. The climax, too, I felt was going to go the full Avengers: Endgame route, but thankfully it survived how it ended. He touched on the emotional connection between Gohan and Piccolo very subtly, which I felt was underwhelming.

Naoki Sato’s background score goes into Super Saiyan mode in the climax. But, the way it starts and carries on even in key signature sequences is 2/5 at best. Expect adrenaline-pumping scores.

the last word

All said and done, is this a treat for Dragon Ball fans? Yes absolutely. But, is it better than the last 20 treats? Yes and no. Yes, because of the scene shift, and the humor no more because it falls short in maintaining an important element of the show – emotion.

Three stars!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Trailer

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Releasing on August 26, 2022.

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