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Dua Zahra’s court appearance has been under heavy scrutiny. People from the media, civil society and the internet have been keeping an eye on the court hearings from day one. Many had theories about Dua, if she was kidnapped or if a mafia gave her a statement under some influence.

People wanted to know why Dua runs away from home and how can she manage the long distance from Karachi to Lahore by taxi. Dua has cleared the air in her first live interview sitting with her husband Zaheer Ahmed. He revealed that the reason for his escape was the attitude of his parents. After coming to know about Zaheer, his mother started beating him on every little thing.

Dua Zehra reveals why she decided to run away

She also shared that she took a rickshaw outside her house and went to a taxi stand in Karachi. She took a taxi from there to Lahore and left without informing Zaheer as she did not have a phone. She reached Panjab University and took the help of a student to call Zaheer. He came and paid rent of Rs 22000. The couple had NikahFeed on the same day.

Dua Zehra reveals why she decided to run away

Dua also shared that her father wanted her to marry her cousin Zain Ul Abidin as it would help her father to get a family plot in DHA from his cousin’s father.

Listen to the reason behind Dua’s escape: