Dwayne Johnson Says “Black Adam Doesn’t Give A F***” In Reply To Fan Who Said Joker Is The Most Electrifying Man In DCEU & Not Him

Dwayne Johnson is making his DCEU debut with Black Adam (Photo Credits – Movie Stills)

More than anyone else on earth, man, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock himself is the biggest fan of his next character Black Adam on screen. The actor has been at it for over a decade and has finally made his dream project. He is now debuting in the DCEU as the Shakti character who sets out to change the hierarchy of power in the universe. Over the past year, The Rock has only been working religiously to be the best for the role and the recently released trailer is proof of that.

but found out dwayne Even Black has completely assimilated Adam’s attitude and now there is no way to separate the two of you. Recently he announced on his Twitter handle that he will be attending Comic-Con in San Diego on 23rd July. In the same announcement video he called his character the most electrifying person in the DC universe.

While fans celebrated the same and expressed their excitement, a Twitter user decided to remind Dwayne Johnson from the Joker’s Suicide Squad and called the Clown Prince of Crime an electrifying man. Turns out The Rock’s roast reply was already ready.

For those unaware, at Black Adam in the Comic-Con announcement video, Dwayne Johnson said, “Get ready because the hype is real. Saturday, July 23, San Diego, Calif., stand up. Comic-Con, get ready, Stand up! ‘Cause guess who’s coming to town’ , so my main goal and aim is to create something so special and unforgettable for you guys, fans. And I think we’re creating an incredible Black Adam appearance.

But amid the love, a fan chose to share a GIF of Jared Leto as the Joker suicide squad and wrote “Most electrifying in the DCEU? Has Black Adam seen what fried doctor brains look like #ReleaseTheAyerCut.” It reached Dwayne Johnson, who at the peak of the Black Adam style replied, “No, because Black Adam doesn’t give a f***.”

Check it out below:

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