E! Restructure: ‘Daily Pop’ & ‘Nightly Pop’ Canceled, Production Teams To Exit As Linear Network Eyes New Nightly Show

Specific:NBCUniversal is making some changes to E!

Deadline understands that cable networks are restructuring, such as canceling shows. daily pope And knightly pope, Leading to the departure of the production staff of those shows.

The news is being communicated to staff this morning by Tracy Wilson, EVP of Syndication Studios, who reports to NBCU’s Susan Rovner at Town Hall.

“I know change can be daunting, but I’m really excited about the future of these brands that we’re going to build together,” Wilson said in a note to employees (which you can read in full below. ).

daytime talk show daily pope Running since May 2017 while late night talker knightly pope Aired since October 2018. The latter is hosted by Morgan Stewart, Nina Parker and Hunter March.

daily pope will end in mid-September and knightly pope Will expire at the beginning of October.

The move will pave the way for a new show that will launch on the Linear network, which will air nightly in late October.

“I want to say thank you very much daily pope And knightly pope teams for their creativity and commitment, including working countless hours maintaining these shows and running through the pandemic,” Wilson said.

As part of the restructuring, the company is also creating a “centralized” umbrella brand, Terrace Studio, which includes Access and E! News brings together entities such as brands, platforms, production management, and hair and makeup.

This has led to a restructuring of its leadership team. Tammy Filler, who is the EVP and Editor-in-Chief overseeing Digital E! The news organization and digital native will remain in her role and there will be three direct reports: Jane Lavin will lead creative and Jamie Blin will oversee E! Online editorial while it is looking for someone to oversee digital strategy.

Ed Zarkoff will oversee the production side of the business as SVP, with news operations reporting directly to Wilson. Vinnie Fusco and Kristin Kilke will continue to run all first-run production operations.


Over the past six months I’ve been digging deep into the E! news business. As we shared in February, we aim to be the center of excellence for entertainment news at NBCU, and I want to acknowledge and thank all of you who are working day and night to help make this happen. .

When we spoke initially, we promised to reconnect as soon as we got better information about the new organizational structure, and we want to share some of them with you today.

We are creating a centralized “Terrace Studio” umbrella, sharing critical support functions at Access and E! News brands like stage, production management, hair and makeup etc. This will enable us to do better and stronger work to maximize existing expertise while freeing up resources to compete at scale. It’s only natural for these two amazing brands to join forces. Access has re-established itself as the home of entertainment news on broadcast, and E! One of the most reputed multi-platform brands in the news industry.

One of our top priorities in future entertainment news is E! and on that note, we are restructuring the leadership team to better help us achieve that goal.

Our digital footprint remains one of the brand’s strongest assets, and Tammy Filler – who has garnered a phenomenal job growing engagement over the years – will remain in her role as EVP and Editor-in-Chief, overseeing Digital E! Developing a strong slate of news organizations and digital origins. There will be three direct reports from Tammy whose teams will help grow and shape the brand; Jen Lavin will lead the creative, Jamie Belan overseeing the E! online editorial, and we are actively looking for someone to oversee digital strategy. I truly believe that each of these officers is incredible in their work, and this new structure will set this team up for success moving forward.

Furthermore, we are extending our ‘Center of Excellence’ concept to the production side of the business. Ed Zarkoff will lead the group as SVP, with news operations reporting directly to me; He will partner closely with Vinnie Fusco and Kristin Kielke who will continue to drive all first-run production operations. Ed will be responsible for taking on the following teams, along with digital production management: news operations, photos and bookings. Ed’s institutional knowledge and his previous newsroom experience make him a natural fit for this expanded role, and I am confident this transformation will streamline and strengthen our production process.

Finally, as we continue to focus on the future of E! And its news offerings, we’re about to launch a new show on the Linear Network that will air nightly at the end of October. We’ll announce more details in the coming weeks, but our approach to the Linear Show is to return to the roots of E! News brands as the gold standard of entertainment news coverage. As we continue to push the brand in this direction, Daily Pop will end its run in mid-September and Nightly Pop will end in early October, paving the way for us to focus audiences on our new show . I want to say a huge thank you to the Daily Pop and Nightly Pop teams for their creativity and commitment, which has included working countless hours to keep these shows up and running through the pandemic.

I know change can be challenging, but I am really excited about the future of these brands that we are building together. Over the next few minutes, you’ll see a meeting invitation pop up on your calendar for the virtual town hall at 10:15 a.m. PT / 1:15 a.m. ET so we can get together and walk you through these changes.

I appreciate your dedication, flexibility and support as we continue to work through this process. looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank You,