East End Capital Plans 16 Soundstages In Downtown LA’s Arts District

Downtown Los Angeles is undergoing a transformation and East End Capital There are plans to build 16 soundstages in the Arts District. The 720-square-foot development will be close to the infamous 6th Street Bridge.

East End Studios filed plans with the city to develop 15 acres of land on 6 more Alameda streets, according to commercial supervisor, The space will not only have 321,530 square feet of studio facilities, but will also include 293,320 square feet of office space, 106,570 square feet of production support and 1,327 parking lots.

Shep Wainwright, managing partner of East End, said, “The existing and proposed facilities in the area, the sheer size of the property, and billions of dollars in nearby transit investments represent an unmatched opportunity to bring much-needed modern production space to Los Angeles. ” studios said in a statement.

According to Los Angeles TimesLondon-based architecture firm Grimshaw had the task of designing the property.

Architect Andrew Byrne described a “vertical approach to campus design”, adding that this approach frees up “valuable land area for large studios and base camps”, while improving pedestrian and vehicular access between the sound stage and the creative workplace space. circulation is also building up.

Developers are expected to get the approval within two years and complete the project after two years. If approved, additional studio space would come as California Governor Gavin Newsom announced his support for a Expansion of film and television production tax credit program,

“California is the entertainment capital of the world, and it is exciting and fitting for the state to invest in maintaining and expanding its influence,” said Senator Anthony Portantino. Told, “The economic benefits from the expansion of the film and television tax credit program create thousands of jobs for talented craftspeople and generate significant revenue for our budgets.”