Ed Sheeran Calls Out South Park’s Episode ‘Ginger Kid’: “It F*cking Ruined My Life”

Ed Sheeran thinks South Park taught America to hate redheads (Photo Credits: Instagram/teddysphotos)

Ed Sheeran is one of those names who make headlines over and over again for pretty strange reasons. The musician, known all over the world for his songs, is known for never speaking his mind. Sheeran has always spoken his heart out, even when he had to address his much-loved criticism about a cameo in HBO’s cult fandom drama Game of Thrones. The actor is now coming out in the open again and talks about a show that ruined his life.

In his new statement, Ed Sheeran has said that a 2005 episode of South Park ruined his life. singer-actor He made fun of the show’s redheads and feels that the idea of ​​making fun of redheads became common in the United States, which was not the case there before. The singer remembered everyone who loved her hair before the show aired in America.

As for the Unversed, South Park aired its season 9 in 2005. The episode mentioned here was titled Ginger Kids. It showed a significant amount against redheads with pale skin and freckles. He claims he had gingivitis. Things go bad and it leads to violence. Ed Sheeran thinks it ruined his life. Read on to know everything you need to know about the same.

According to Comicbook, Ed Sheerana said, “Having red hair in England was always something people would p-ss out of you for. But it was never the case in America. People never knew what ginger was in America.” Further explaining how South Park introduced it in the US, he said, “That episode of South Park f—king ruined my life.”

Ed Sheeran continued, “I was going to America, and everyone was like, ‘I love your hair dude.’ And I was like ‘Oh my god, people like my hair?'” she said. “And then I remember that episode coming out and it was just that around the world for the rest of my life.”

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