Ekin Koç and Ayça Ayşin Turan in the new movie | Turkish Series: Teammy

Ayka Ayin Turani

Great news for fans of Ayça Ayşin Turan! The actress will start shooting for a new film soon after the holidays. akin koki Will be his co-star. But the surprises do not end here.

According to renowned journalist Birsen Altuntas, akin koki and Ayeka Ayin Turan in TAFF Pictures’ “Make Me Believe / Anandadar Beni”, which narrates the love story of two childhood friends. Directed by Murat Sarakoelu. Written by Selene Becky. Filming will begin in Assos after Eid al-Adha. Ayka will play the role of an advertising agent named Sahra, Ekin Kok will play the role of successful photographer Deniz. Naaz Saila Irmak and Sasari Stanak are also in the cast of the film.

Ayka Aysin Turan, who gave a brief interview to the Turkish press the day before, said that she would go to her family for a holiday, then go to shoot in the city of Asos. She missed her work and is happy to be back on the sets. Previously, she did not know Ekin Kok, they had met while reading the script. When asked if she has any dream role, Ayeka laughs and promises to think about it. When she returns to Istanbul, journalists may ask her this question again.

Ayeka also talked about herself saying that she likes healthy food, lots of water and focuses on sports. Although, of course, it is also about genetics. Her weakness is sweet, but she tries not to abuse it. The actress has not made public about her relationship with Alp Navruz, reiterating that they were doing well. And when he was asked about the marriage proposal, he laughed and said that if something like this happens then the press will come to know about it.

In addition, according to Birsen Altuntas, Ayka is in talks to star in a TV show for the autumn-winter television season, but the contract has not yet been signed.