Monday, October 25, 2021

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    Ellen Pompeo Muses About Plans After ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: “I’m Sure I’ll Act Again”

    After more than 18 years on ABC’s gray’s anatomy, Star Ellen Pompeo Meredith Gray has weighed in on what her on-screen future might look like.

    “Maybe not movies, I don’t have a film career,” Pompeo said during Audacity check in.

    In a conversation with Audacity’s Dax Holt, Pompeo said that the days of TV actors catching pigeons only for television projects are over because of the ubiquity of streaming. However, even a change in the entertainment landscape doesn’t necessarily push the actress to the big screen.

    “Before, being on the network for so long, you would literally be doomed,” Pompeo said. “Certainly that’s not the case now, so I probably won’t do movies per se, but I will probably do some streaming television.”

    Although the actress didn’t go into much depth about the types of streaming projects she’s taken on, she shared that she’s currently “developing something right now,” and added that “we’ll see if it works out by the day.” To see the light.” Pompeo has already entered development with his production company Calamity Jane. in April, time limit specially learned that starring a black comedy sex and the CityK Kristin Davis is working on HBO Max from Pompeo’s company.

    Beyond developing and potentially streaming television shows, Pompeo has already begun branching out into a variety of areas, including audio series, with Tell Me With Ellen Pompeo Podcast debuts last month.

    “I’m just trying to play in a few different areas and do some new things, but I’m sure I’ll be acting again,” she said.

    gray’s anatomy It returns for its 18th season this month, although there is still speculation as to whether the current chapter will be its last. Pompeo’s current contract expires at the end of the season.

    Watch the clip below for her comments.

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