Elon Musk & Elvis Star Natasha Basset Break Up, Space X Founder Welcoming Twins With Shivon Zills Is The Reason?

Elon Musk and Natasha Bassett recently started dating (Photo Credits – Wikipedia)

Everything that is happening around Elon Musk at the moment makes the news. The guy has taken some drastic steps over the past few days and that certainly includes his ear with Twitter and everything else that is being followed. But it looks like there is some news coming in his personal life as well as the head of Space X has reportedly broken up with his girlfriend Natasha Bassett.

Let us inform that recently Elon (51) and Natasha (28) were recently seen in the film. elvis are a couple. The two were low-key about their affair but we were seen together several times and the pictures made it to the limelight. But now the news of their breakup comes right after this. musk In November 2021 Neuralink along with exec Shivon Zillis announced the secret to welcoming twins. The children’s count is now at 10.

According to a report in Hollywood Life, this is the reason why Natasha Bassett decided to call it off. But she hopes she can still be friends with Elon Musk. Read on to know everything you need to know about the same.

Our source told the portal: “Natasha has learned a lot from Elon and is grateful for the time they spent together, because it was so special and surreal.” He also said that Natasha Bassett has decided to focus on her career, which has got a new push due to the recently released Elvis. Took

“Since the release of the Elvis biopic at the end of June, these past few weeks have been very tense on Natasha,” the insider said. “Acting has always been her dream and it’s her first true love. She is getting the kind of recognition now that she has worked so hard her whole life and Natasha knows that she should take these next steps alone. She has There is no time for outside noise.” The noise around the actor was huge when it was first reported that she was seeing Elon Musk.

Meanwhile, the insider also clarified that Natasha Bassett will not be giving birth to Elon Musk’s children like the rest. “Natasha wants a family one day and is sure she will have a family, but she has very traditional values,” the source said. “She is also young and having children is not part of her plan at the moment. When the time is right, she will be ready. Instead, she is focusing on herself and her career and she is in a good place right now.”

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