‘Emancipation’ Comes From A World-Changing Photo Of The Scarred Back Of A Freed Slave; Can Academy Get Past A Slap And Judge A Worthy Film On The Merits? Will Smith & Antoine Fuqua Discuss – Contenders LA3C

if not for the slapper Will SmithBest Actor Oscar Win for king richard last March, Freedom Will definitely be at the forefront of awards conversation.

bought by Apple for a record amount in fierce competition, Freedom Tells the story of Peter, an enslaved man who escapes from a brutal camp and tries to find Lincoln’s advance army so he can join and save his family. Separating him from freedom are miles of Louisiana swamps, and a loathsome slave hunter and his enforcer attack dogs. This comes from a photograph taken of Peter when he joined Lincoln’s army, showing scars on his back from a near-fatal beating. The photo circulated around the world, and it made the point irrefutable that slavery was a barbaric practice that needed to be abolished. One could say that there is a direct correlation to other images, from the video of George Floyd dying, to Emmett Till in his coffin, to news coverage of the Selma March. Smith once vowed that he would never play a slave in a film, but changed his mind because of the seriousness of the situation.

“For me, it was a recognition of those events, but it has also been the last few years where ideas and concepts were behind us as a country,” Smith told a panel. Apple Original Movies on the picture claimant Film: LA3C Event. “I started to see a lot of the same ideas and belief systems that perpetuated slavery in America, some of those concepts were coming back, with an energy I didn’t think modern America had.” is possible in

“It became important to me to clarify the farthest limits of those thoughts that can change when we let them fester and rot. A big part of this was to create a reminder, to overcome some of the same problems What we have built as a country in the past.

Fuqua said: “It was a very strange feeling to see George Floyd die like this and to see the world’s reaction. And there were other victims around that time who didn’t get the same attention. I felt like we were at a crossroads. Some of the young people were born when Barack Obama was president and anything before that was to be forgotten, with much discussion about what they were going to teach in schools. Voter suppression in Georgia, all these things were bubbling up at the same time and I felt an urgent need to remind this country of its past. Not out of anger, not out of revenge, just, it’s ugliness in the way we treat each other. Bob Richardson shot it in a way where it’s like you’ve landed on some alien planet, where you can’t believe that humans treat each other like that. I felt an urgency.

Added Smith: “It’s an American issue, but it’s a global issue, a human issue, a problem in the hearts of men. The depiction and depiction of this kind of brutality, and brutality as well as beauty , he shows the wrongdoings and the highest possibilities, sometimes in the same frame. It’s meant to inspire, uplift and evoke compassion.”

During the discussion, Smith also acknowledged the challenge of the award voting community, which felt betrayed by its outburst at the Oscars.

“I’ve certainly spent the last nine months looking at it from so many different directions, so many angles,” he said. “The thing for me right now, and the thing that hurts my heart, is I think Antoine probably did the best job of his entire career. I think Charmaine [Bingwa]Ben [Foster]Bob Richardson and Naomi [Shohan], I think so many actors have done possibly the greatest work of their careers. The thought that they might be rejected because of my actions really breaks my heart. Getting this story out there is important and vital to me and I am going to do everything I can to make sure this beautiful team of world class artists is not punished for my behavior.

Fuqua spoke about how he processed it all: “For me, the cool thing is I was in the middle of postproduction when it happened. I’ve seen it happen and I’ve been on this film with Will for a few years now and frankly he’s one of the most incredible men I’ve ever met, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. After a while, I thought, this can’t be, this is one of the best people I have ever met in my life, a very spiritual person. I focused on the film and wanted to make everyone proud of the film. I was able to distance myself from all that for a while. After, it hit me.

“Will called me to talk about the other people working on this movie and what might happen. Will and Chris are good people, they are. People make mistakes and we make quick decisions now. My The feeling is that we have to move on at some point. He is a great artist. Hollywood has seen some really nasty things in our business over the years. We need to find some compassion, some forgiveness in our hearts for each other Will be. I hope Will doesn’t get punished for the amazing work he did in this movie. We should have judged this award show and all this other stuff on the job. I hope we stay focused on the job, and Chris and Will Let that personal situation resolve itself. He’s apologized and he’s been punished, and I love them both. At some point, we have to turn the attention back to art, which is what it’s supposed to be about. And No personal life.

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