Emilio Estevez Talks About Laurence Fishburne Saving His Life While Dad Filmed ‘Apocalypse Now’

Lawrence Fishburne was a life saver for the young Emilio Estevez,

showing on tuesday jennifer hudson show with dad martin sheen, Emilio talks about how Fishburne saved him from drowning in a river in the Philippines. Estevez visits his father on the set of Vietnam War epic Apocalypse Now,

Estevez said of his relationship with the teenaged Fishburne, “Well we̵7;d only known each other a few days, and that was in the Philippines.” “He says, ‘Hey it’s a little boat, let’s go on that,’ and I said, ‘Sure.’ ,

“So we were out on this boat together and we started getting very close to shore and I said, ‘Okay then let me jump out, I’ll push us over the edge.’

“I jumped out and it was like quicksand mud and I was just sinking … I saw Fishburne looking at me, just saying, ‘Hold my hand!’ He pulled me back up.

“We bonded from then on,” Estevez said of Fishburne, who played a supporting role in the film.