Emmanuel Macron Reelected President Of France

refresh for latest, With an estimated 58% of the vote, Emmanuel Macron The extreme right-wing national rally leader has been defeated and re-elected as the President of France. Marine Le Pen who deposited 42%.

Coming into the final round of elections, Macron was leading the polls. It was a rematch after 2017 and the second runoff between candidates from parties other than the traditional left and right.

Voting ended this evening local time and the results were declared exactly at 8 pm. According to media reports, voter boycott was 28.7%. This is higher than in 2017 when Macron and Le Pen met for the first time, and more than the first round of voting two weeks ago. However, it is not a record breaker.

Macron’s camp is erected on the Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower, while Le Pen is in the Pavilion d’Armenonville in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Both are about to address their supporters.

In the wake of the first round, some 400 artists gave their names to an op-ed published in Le Monde, urging voters to put their voices behind Macron.

The signatories, including Juliette Binoche, Jane Birkin, Guillaume Canet, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Melanie Thierry, wrote in the opinion piece, “Without confusion, without hesitation and without trembling, we will vote for Emmanuel Macron.” Regarding Le Pen, he said, “We cannot imagine, at the head of France, a candidate whose program is of xenophobia and withdrawal, a candidate aligned with totalitarian and armistice powers. We cannot imagine.” What this terrible sign will mean for Europe and the world.